Books on Tap - April Follow Up

Even though I was in denial until the last minute, we ended up inside for April's meeting to discuss Still Alice by Lisa Genova. Quite a few people were able to see the movie while it was in theaters and that brought a different level of discussion to our group on Tuesday. While there were differences between the film and book - which is to be expected - overall we didn't think either was compromised by the other. Most of the conversation focused around the question of "what would you do?" We discussed options from the perspective of being a family member to someone with Alzheimer's, as well as being someone with Alzheimer's. I think this book provoked some deep thinking about a situation that many people have to deal with and the difficult choices that must be made.

Next up: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. See you on May 12th, 6:30pm at Jimmy's!

An Angel for Sale by Vernon Kauffman

Artist:  Vernon Kauffman
Title:  An Angel for Sale
Medium:  Acrylic, 1960s
Price:  $450.00

Vernon Kauffman is a Michigan artist, born in 1923 and still painting!  An Angel for Sale was described by Vernon as "you see many types of things for sale, but not usually angels".  Currently residing in Independence Village, their resident artist has numerous paintings adorning the walls. 

Peony Bouquet by Jessie Quinn

Artist:  Jessie Quinn
Title:  Peony Bouquet
Medium:  Oil
Price:  $200.00

Artist data:  Unknown

The Late Homer Gibbs by Vernon Kauffman

Artist:  Vernon Kauffman
Title:  The Late Homer Gibbs
Medium:  Acrylic, 1960s
Price:  $450.00

Vernon Kauffman is a Michigan artist, born in 1923 and still painting!  The Late Homer Gibbs in an amalgamation of known and imagined buildings and the imagined life that lived and worked behind those doors.  Currently residing in Independence Village, their resident artist has numerous paintings adorning the walls.  When the Friends showed Vernon this painting he was happy to see his work and remarked that he had not seen it in 50 years.

August Still Life by Jessie Quinn

Artist:  Jessie Quinn
Title:  August Still Life
Medium:  Oil
Price:  $300.00

Artist data:  Unknown

Untitled Wood Cut Print by Unknown Artist

Artist:  Unknown
Title:  Untitled
Medium:  Wood cut print
Price:  $400.00

Artist data:  Unknown

The Woods by Marlene Fowler

Artist:  Marlene Fowler
Title:  The Woods
Medium:  Acrylic
Price:  $300.00

Artist data:  Unknown

Bougainvillea and Annanberg Ruin by Barbara Hodge

Artist:  Barbara Hodge
Title:  Bougainvillea and Annanberg Ruin
Medium:  Watercolor
Price:  $1,000.00

Barbara now gives private art lessons to high school and adult students in her Dunedin, Florida home studio.  She earned her BFA with honor in oil painting and education at MSU.  After exhibiting and teaching art for 16 years, she chose Eastern Michigan University for her Master's in acrylic painting.  She has taught art for over 30 years at East Lansing Arts Workshop, Michigan State University, Lansing Community College, Hillsborough Community College and privately.

Flower Pots Toledo Spain by Pat Hardin

Artist:  Pat Hardin
Title:  Flower Pots Toledo Spain
Medium:  Photograph
Price:  $140.00

Artist data:  Unknown

Spring II by Vivian Dwyer

Artist:  Vivian Dwyer
Title:  Spring II
Medium:  Silk screen
Price:  $220.00

Vivian is a local artist who specializes in floral designs and hand painting home decor ranging from glassware to vanities.  She has been painting since a very young age.

Signs of Spring by Pat Camillo (Rempel)

Artist:  Pat Camillo (Rempel)
Title:  Signs of Spring
Medium:  Print of watercolor 4 out of 200
Price:  $220.00

Pat Camillo Rempel has been a fulltime artist for the last 17 years, working in watercolor, pastel and oils.  Her studio is located near Saugatuck, Michigan.  Her work has been purchased by numerous collectors throughout the country and she has been a featured artist in the International Artist Publications 100 Ways to Paint Flowers & Gardens and 100 Ways to Paint Still Life and Florals.

Country House by Sam Knecht

Artist:  Sam Knecht
Title:  Country House
Medium:  Watercolor
Price:  $1,000.00

Sam is a professor of Art and chairman of the Art Department at Hillsdale College.  Professor Knecht says "Yes, that watercolor is something I painted perhaps while still in High School (Haslett High School) or else as a first or second year art student at MSU.  I recall having one or more paintings in the rental gallery system for the ELPL back then.  Even was in a two-person art show at the EL city hall.  The work you have in question is definitely the kind of thing I was doing on my own back then."

Sam Knecht is well known for his oil depiction of an important event in America's history, The Signing of the American Constitution, as well as many congressional portraits.  

Algarve Town by Lola Roppel

Artist:  Lola Roppel
Title:  Algarve Town
Medium:  Acrylic
Price:  $500.00

Artist data:  Unknown

Michigan Notable Author Sean Madigan Hoen to Visit ELPL

April 22, 2015

EAST LANSING, Mich. — Sean Madigan Hoen, author of “Songs Only You Know: A Memoir,” will pay a special visit to the East Lansing Public Library (ELPL), 950 Abbot Road, at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, April 26. The event is free and open to all.

Hoen is visiting ELPL as part of the Library of Michigan’s 2015 “Michigan Notable Authors Tour.” Hoen was raised in Dearborn and his short stories and prose have been published in many journals, including the American Literary Review, Paste and BOMB Magazine. Hoen has taught at Columbia University and Western Michigan University. He currently lives in Brooklyn, New York and teaches creative writing at Rutgers University. Learn more about Hoen at 

“We are excited to welcome author Sean Madigan Hoen to the East Lansing community,” said ELPL Director Kristin Shelley. “Michigan is home to some of the best stories and storytellers found anywhere in the country. An author of Hoen’s caliber, here, in our library will make for an afternoon to remember.”

“This year’s Michigan Notable Books delve into wonderfully diverse topics and offer something of interest for just about everyone,” said State Librarian Randy Riley. “The tour offers the opportunity for book enthusiasts in many corners of the state to join in the conversation about what constitutes ‘great writing’ and to hear from some of the Great Lakes region’s most beloved authors.”

Prior to Hoen’s visit, there will be a Concert by the Fireplace featuring Borghi|Teager at 2 p.m. at ELPL. Borghi|Teager is a duo featuring the musical talents of Matt Borghi and Michael Teager. The duo has been playing improvised ambient music since 2008. 

The 2015 Michigan Notable Books program and tour are made possible thanks to the generous support of the Library of Michigan, the Library of Michigan Foundation, Michigan Department of Education, the Michigan Humanities Council, Meijer and the Michigan Center for the Book. The media sponsors include, City Pulse, Dome, Queue Advertising and Tom Gennara Photography.

Sign of Spring by Pat Rist

Artist:  Pat Rist
Title:  Sign of Spring
Medium:  Watercolor
Price:  $600.00

Pat Rist began her journey to be an artist when she was nine years old.  She continued lessons in art through college where she earned a BFA, an MFA, and a degree in administration from the University of South Dakota.  She taught art for thirty years.  Pat is also a professional artist who has shown her work in many juried shows and has received numerous awards.