Books by Mail

Books by Mail

Would you like to check out books, but getting to the library is difficult or impossible for you? Are you a friend or family member of a senior or someone with mobility issues? The East Lansing Public Library is launching a new Books By Mail program just for you. Here's how to get involved:

Step One: Fill out an application to start Books by Mail. You can sign up for yourself, a family member, or a friend, just make sure to include the name of the primary person we should contact in case of questions.

Step Two: We'll contact you to discuss how to select items for delivery.

Step Three: We'll mail your books to you in a heavy-duty zippered bag.

Books By mail bag
Books by mail bag

Step Four: Remove the zip tie and unzip the bag to remove your materials.

Cut off the zip tie with a pair of scissors
Cut off the zip tie with a pair of scissors

Step Five: Inside the bag you'll find your books, as well as a zip tie to use when you send your books back. Save the mailing label for later too.

Books by mail postage label
Unzip the bag. Inside, you'll find your items and a new zip tie. Save the mailing label.

Step Six: When you're ready to return your materials, put them back in the bag and close the zipper.  Flip the mailing label over so that the mailing address with "East Lansing Public Library" is facing up. Then, secure the bag with the zip tie by threading it through the holes as shown.  

Secure the mailing bag with the zip tie
Secure the mailing bag with the zip tie

Step Seven: The return postage is prepaid. You can leave it with your outgoing mail, or drop it off at the post office.

That's it! If you'd like to sign up for Books By Mail, call the East Lansing Public Library at 517-351-2420, or email us at or fill out the form below:

If we have questions about your request how would you like us to contact you?

Are you requesting items for a friend or family member?

If yes, please include your name and contact information below.
Point of Contact
If you are requesting on behalf of a friend or family member who should library staff contact if they have questions about this request?
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