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It's Time to Rethink Learning a New Language

Ok, I'll admit it - I was skeptical about learning a language from a comuter app.

Arr! September 19 be talk like a Pirate…

"Avast! We be swashbucklers!" means "Stop! We're pirates!" in pirate! As part of your membership to East Lansing Public Library, you have...

Mango FAQs

  • Mango Languages is a digital language learning platform featuring over 70 languages.  Learn a new language using your computer, smartphone or tablet!  Mango has lessons, including audio and video lessons, for all levels of learning.

  • To use Mango Languages you will need a library card number and an email address.  You will be asked to create a password for your Mango account.

    Create a Mango Languages account online., opens a new window

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