Friends Will Stop Accepting Used Book Donations at Library on April 30

Beginning April 30, the Friends of the East Lansing Public Library will discontinue accepting donations at the library.  This is due to limited space available for book sorting during Phase II of the library's renovation project.  Used books and other media will still be available for purchase during Phase II of the renovation project, beginning May 23.  Donations will once again be accepted at the library in September 2016 when the fully remodeled library re-opens to the public.  If you have a large amount of materials to donate and would like the Friends to consider picking up your materials, please contact Friends President Maureen McCabe-Power at 989.798.7775 for assistance.

Thank you East Lansing High School Marching Band!

A big thank you to the East Lansing High School Marching Band for their birthday wishes.  ELPL loves you!


Books on Tap - August 2016

Come to Jimmy's Pub on August 9 at 6:30pm to discuss the 2016 One Book, One Community selections: Enrique's Journey by Sonia Nazario and City of Thorns: Nine Lives in the World's Largest Refugee Camp by Ben Rawlence.

Enrique's Journey by Sonia Nazario

An astonishing story that puts a human face on the ongoing debate about immigration reform in the United States, now updated with a new Epilogue and Afterword, photos of Enrique and his family, an author interview, and more—the definitive edition of a classic of contemporary America

Books on Tap - July Follow Up

What a group we had!! It was a great time discussing the microhistory of the world through the lens of A History of the World in 6 Glasses by Tom Standage. Our guest speaker spread some light on the developments of different drinks and foods and how they influenced history. While not all information was new to our readers, it was interesting the little pieces that people picked up on throughout the book. Some people commented on the writing style and questioned why some beverages were included and not others.

Join us next month when we discuss the One Book, One Community titles Enrique's Journey by Sonia Nazario and City of Thorns by Ben Rawlence.

The Thank You Book by Mo Willems

As a huge fan of the Elephant and Piggie series by Mo Willems, I have to admit I was sad when the latest book came out, which is the last one for Gerald and Piggie.  It is called The Thank You Book and it does not disappoint!  These books teach great lessons and are just plain fun!  I highly recommend them for any early readers, or parents reading aloud to their children.

Like Father Like Son?

I am embarrassed to admit that even though I work in a library, surrounded by the best books and thousands of thoughtful reading recommendations, that I did not realize that popular author Joe Hill was even more popular author Stephen King's son until Hill's latest book, The Fireman, was released in May of this year.  (You didn't know either?  Oh wonderful, we can form a support group!  And don't feel too bad, even Mr. Hill's agent was in the dark for quite some time.)

I read two novels, one from King and one from Hill, back to back, and I appreciated the opportunity to compare and contrast the two authors -- even though I realize this is exactly why Joe Hill changed his name in the first place!

From Joe Hill, The Fireman describes a world obliterated by a spore based plague, named Dragonscale, that sets its victims and the world aflame.  The survivors of the first wave of the illness must decide if Dragonscale is something to be eradicated, or celebrated.  Aside from an awkward depiction of a dysfunctional marriage, Hill's characters are genuine and believable.  The book ends with a set up for a sequel, but, it could just as well be a one book story.  

From Stephen King, End of Watch is the last book in the Bill Hodges trilogy, a departure from King's tradition of horror and the occult.  Or, at least that is what everyone thought after reading the first book.  By book two there were hints of the supernatural and sure enough, number three turned those hints into solid plot points.  But even though the second and third installment of the trilogy veer back towards the paranormal, at heart, these books are detective novels.  King delights at painting a detailed picture of Hodges' post-retirement life, and his inability to forget one particular case he was never able to close.   Readers who don't normally like King's novels, especially the Dark Tower series and apocalypse tales like The Stand , will be pleasantly surprised by this trilogy.

Remember starring Christopher Plummer

I would watch Christopher Plummer read an encyclopedia. I think he is one of the finest actors alive. So when a patron recommended this new release to me, I decided to try it, even though neither the photo nor the descriptions on the cover appealed to me. The basic story involves a recently widowed Holocaust survivor with dementia who is trying to find the Nazi guard who murdered his family. It's the way the story unfolds, his encounters along the way, and the ending that made this a memorable movie for me.

Warning: this movie is not for everyone; there is a sequence of graphic violence about halfway through.

Saving Lucas Biggs

Saving Lucas Biggs is the first book by the writing partners, husband and wife team of Marisa de los Santos and David Teague.  It is a well-written, captivating book that involves the O’Malley family and their “quirk” – the ability to time travel.  Margaret O’Malley learns that “history resists” when you are going back in time to change the past, but she desperately wants to help her father who has been found guilty of the crimes of arson and murder and sentenced to death.  The chapters alternate between present day 2014 and 1938.  It was a good escape from recent news, and this quote from the book even helped me put things in perspective:

“For every big, bad, attention-getting thing that happens, there are thousands of small good ones, acts that might even seem ordinary but really aren’t, so many that we can forget to notice them or to count them up.  But it’s what has always amazed me:  not how terrible people can be to each other, but how good, in spite of everything.” 

So, I will keep that in mind when the news is full of the big, bad attention-getting things, and I will be thankful that the library is full of books that will help me escape for a little while.

Alex + Ada by Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn

If you aren't a regular reader of graphic novels but would like to give the format a try, the Alex + Ada trilogy, from collaborators Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna,  is a wonderfully accessible entry to the world of graphic novels.  With a compelling premise (think of the movie Her starring Scarlett Johansson and Joaquin Phoenix), relatable characters and beautiful artwork, there is something for almost all readers to like.  My only complaint -- it is only a trilogy!  

ELPL has Alex + Ada in print and on Hoopla!










July 2016 - Renovation Progress

Progress continues with Phase II of the library's renovation project.  Crews have moved to the south side of the building and the library continues to operate out of the North side of the building.  Schedules are still on track for a planned grand re-opening and ribbon cutting ceremony on September 30.

While you wait for the grand re-opening, check out the library's proposed final floor plan, color boards for the furnishings in the new building, and our Flickr collection of the Phase II renovation project.

Proposed final floor plan












Color board for main lobby and Adult spaces
















Color board for Teen and Children's spaces














Track our progress on Flickr