There’s a waffle in my pocket – parenting with patience and humor. You are amazing.

This morning I got all three girls in the car. They were dressed, they were fed, they had backpacks and their snow pants - I felt amazing. Then, as I had just buckled in the youngest, the five year old took. off. her. coat.  I have no idea why, but I knew I had two options - freak out and flail around like an alligator was attacking me OR summon up every ounce of patience I had to ask her politely to put the coat back on and buckle herself in again. I chose patience, and I gave myself a pat on the back. 

Did you know that you are amazing? Did you know that you are rocking this parent/caregiver gig? I can't, with emotional clarity, choose patience every time life throws me dog doo or crazy kids, but I try every time. I know you try every time too. So I have your back you tired mom who's three year old screams every single morning while getting into the car. Please know that I'm sending you emotional support when your one year old is pulling everything off the shelf at Meijer. I see you shopping with your teen, trying not to out sass that teen sass. 

You got this, but, if you are feeling like you need more tools in your care giving tool belt try these books...

Parent Hacks by Asha Dornfest

Now Say This by Heather Turgeon

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Good luck out there!  -Miss Emily