There’s a waffle in my pocket – parenting with patience and humor. Book Reports.

School has started, soon your child will be excited to pick out a book for the first book report of the year. Well, if they are't super stoked to pick out a book, may I make some suggestions?

I've provided links to popular book lists. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. Pick out a book, put it on hold, when it's ready pick it up from the hold shelf and check it out.   Whether your kids were outside exploring all summer or relaxing playing video games, you are sure to find a good book on one of our lists. 

Good luck out there!    -Miss Emily

Books for Kids who love Fortnite

Fortnite is an online game of strategy. The game is set on modern-day Earth, but most of humanity has disappeared. One of the game’s core mechanics is collecting materials to build protective fortifications. Do you need a break from battles and strategy? Try these books.

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Books for Kids who love Minecraft

Minecraft, the addicting online game of building and creating new worlds.

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