Author of the Month: Stephanie Burgis

The Dragon With a Chocolate Heart, The Girl With a Dragon Heart

When author Stephanie Burgis released her debut book, Kat, Incorrigible in 2011, we were thrilled to finally see a children's fantasy set in Regency England. Burgis went on to complete a trilogy featuring her strong-willed heroine before beginning a new fantasy series for adults. The Shadow books (Masks and Shadows, Congress of Secrets) were inspired by Burgis's years of researching 18th-century opera as a doctoral student, and the result is historical fantasy brimming with operatic themes, courtly intrigue, and dark mag.  

Last year, Burgis returned to writing middle grade fiction, releasing the first book in a new series, Tales from the Chocolate Heart, about a young dragon who is transformed into a girl, and happens to retain the bravery and impulsivity one might expect. This month, the second installment of the series, The Girl With a Dragon Heart, will be released and just like the first, Burgis's female characters possess the strength, confidence and wit we always look for in books for young girls as they navigate through her skillfully crafted fantasy world. Recommended for ages 8-12.

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