There’s a waffle in my pocket – parenting with patience and humor. Breakfast Options.

I shoved waffles into my pockets as I ran out the door this morning while yelling, "just get in the car!" I know getting in the car is the first step to get to school.  If they get in the car, then they will get in their seats. If they get in their seats, then they will buckle their seat belts. If they buckle their seat belts, then we can pull out of the drive way, which is like a momentous touch down; a rush only a chosen few get to experience every morning.  This amazing moment is gifted only to those who have young children.  Are you in this club with me? Let's try to survive this together.

Waffles. Warm, portable, satisfying; and you can toss them easily to your children when they are seated in the van. 

How do you feed your kids while on the go? Here are some ideas that might expand on my children's waffle addiction. 

Here at ELPL we carry Real Simple magazine, and I love it! These breakfast ideas look absolutley amazing!  Real Simple Breakfast Ideas for Kids

The Mom 100 Cookbook. Contains several recipes designed to make life easier for mothers and choosy children.  The Mom 100 Cookbook

The $5 Dinner Mom - Breakfast and Lunch Cookbook. The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook

Good luck out there!   - Miss Emily