July and August 2019 Exhibit in the Brick Wall Gallery

Baloon Fiesta by artist Yvette Robinson. Metallic Acrylics, Plaster Relief on Canvas
Baloon Fiesta by artist Yvette Robinson. Metallic Acrylics, Plaster Relief on Canvas

The opportunity to see the work of East Lansing artist Yvette Robinson extends through August at the East Lansing Public Library.

This exhibit, which is sponsored by Friends of the East Lansing Public Library (FOELPL), displays a variety of Ms. Robinson's creations, from sculpture to painting and collage.

Robinson credits unusually supportive influences during her growing-up years for becoming the artist she is today.  Believing "you will never be lonely as long as you have the arts to keep you occupied," her parents maintained a room with music and art supplies at home, which they encouraged their five children to experiment with daily.  The further support of teachers and mentors nurtured in Robinson  a particularly open and embracing approach to her art.   From these influences, she learned never to limit herself but to trust her first thoughts and to allow herself to create outside structured and familiar art forms.

In addition to her artwork shared with the public, Robinson gives back by encouraging and supporting art participation in the community.  She has served many years on the East Lansing Arts Commission, including as chair.  During her tenure she was instrumental in the establishment of The Public Art Gallery, which had its grand opening in 2004 and continues at Hannah Community Center.

Robinson's pieces in the current FOELPL-sponsored library exhibit are all new and one-of-a-kind originals.  Of her work, Robinson says "My art is a mirror of my past and a reflection of my present.  I don't fret about the future, which is not promised to me.  But when tomorrow IS gifted, it is always a welcome opportunity to create again."

Enjoy Robinson's artwork on the north wall of the Cyber Cafe and above the carrels in the north-east section of the East Lansing Public Library, 950 Abbot Road.  Closed Sundays in the summer.