Marsha’s Friendshop Re-Opens August 9!

amazement - woman excited looking to the side. Surprised happy young woman looking sideways in excitement. Mixed race Chinese Asian / white Caucasian female model on green background.It's happening, finally!  We've all been waiting!  You have been so patient! 

Marsha's Friendshop will open on August 9 at 10am.  The Friendshop schedule will follow library hours.  There will be some changes:

  • The Friends will no longer sell music CDs or magazines.
  • Subjects will be combined and re-arranged so check out every corner!
  • We will not be accepting book donations until after Labor Day, and then, only on a specific schedule.  Stay tuned for more details!
  • After Labor Day, if you have more than two boxes of books and would like to have them picked up, please contact the Friends to place a pick-up request.  You can also call Maureen at 989-798-7775 to request a pick-up.