Help ELPL Build a Mobile Pop-Up Library

It would be wonderful if libraries had all the money they needed to operate and to be innovative; however, the reality is that many public libraries struggle to balance their budgets and to keep up with the rising costs of materials, staff and technology.  The East Lansing Public Library (ELPL) is no exception to this reality, and this is why the library works hard at fundraising, like the annual Books, Bites, and Bids fundraiser.

This year Books, Bites, and Bids brought in more than $19,000 in donations.  A record for an ELPL fundraiser but still not quite enough to meet the library's goal of building a pop-up library, like this one owned by the Grandview Heights Public Library, opens a new window, that we can take to area festivals, the farmers market, schools and senior communities.

Even though the library won't host another Books, Bites, and Bids until 2018, you can still help us build the pop-up library by donating a "part" to the library.  We have parts available at many different price points so no matter what your budget, your gift can help make the pop-up library a reality.