Friends Donate Art to Library Fundraiser

Hopscotch by Irene Gayas Jungwirth
Hopscotch by Irene Gayas Jungwirth

The Friends have an exciting announcement. We are donating this local artist's work, "Hopscotch" to the Library's Books, Bites and Bids Silent Auction.

It should raise a lot of interest! And we hope, some wicked bidding. Her husband is the sculptor who created our beloved MSU Sparty!

Here is a short biography on the artist:
Well-known Michigan artist Irene Gayas Jungwirth (1911-1992). The following biography is excerpted from the "Art for God's Sake" website:

Irene was a prolific and self-taught artist, painting with hand-ground colors with egg tempera on Masonite or canvas. She was an outspoken woman, using imagination, religious beliefs, emotions, and everyday encounters with others to give meaning to her paintings. Featured in many of her paintings, she was fascinated by the beauty of the human figure. Her paintings reflect her philosophies. Symbolism was used frequently, and many of her paintings were mystical or prophetic. “A person paints what they are, emotionally, temperamentally, physically and philosophically.”(IGJ). She painted many religious paintings and designed stained glass windows for several churches in Lansing and East Lansing. Irene felt that “art should make you gasp”. Her art was in numerous invitational and juried shows around the country, is in the Detroit Institute of Arts, Kresge Art Museum, and many private collections. Husband Leonard Jungwirth made the frames for all of her paintings during his lifetime. Irene felt that art should be shared and appreciated by as many people as possible.

Gayas Jungwirth exhibited at the Scarab Club in Detroit, Kalamazoo Institute of Art, the Detroit Institute of Art (prize winning), the Butler Institute of American Art, and many others. She was also an accomplished stain glass designer, designing windows for churches throughout Michigan.