Did you know?

1) You can buy beautiful, great condition books in Marsha's Friendshop at the ELPL? 
2) That you do not have to have a library card to purchase? 
3) That all money goes to the Library programs and needs? 
4) That our Friends staff is 100% volunteer? 
5) We sort our books by category to make it easy for you? 
6) Often times the books are in like-new condition? Or nearly? 
7) We sell sheet music, audio CDs ($.50), audio books (1.00) and DVDs (2.00)? 
8) We have a $.50 sale cart of both hard and soft cover non-fiction books? 
9) That we have a collectible book section? 
10) Our "Better Books" are priced at 1/2 or less than online lowest prices? 
11) Our kids selection is organized by tweens, board books, easy readers, etc.? With Bargain Library Hardcover discards for $.50? 
12) We have a huge cart of $.50 Trade Fiction? 
13) We sell mass market fiction, mystery, romance for $.25? 
14) We run a Flash Sale of $.50 books, changing it every few weeks? Example: Biographies, Hardcover Fiction, Cooking, etc. 
15) Shelves are refreshed daily? 
16) That we received 129 boxes of used books from Schuler's when they closed? (We will be introducing them into our shop over time as space allows and prices will be lower and still have Schuler's labels on them. 
17) Through our 100% volunteer effort of thousands of house per yer, we raise tens of thousands of dollars to support ELPL's programming and other needs.

Which of these did you not know? Please share this so more people can reap the benefits of these GREAT DEALS.