Author of the Month: Diane Setterfield

December's author of the month released her debut novel, The Thirteenth Tale, in 2006. A classic gothic novel set in a ruined mansion in the English countryside, Diane Setterfield's debut was reminiscent of the works of Brontë and du Maurier, and quickly became an overnight success, selling over 3 million copies in 38 countries. 

This month, Setterfield releases her newest novel, Once Upon a RiverMasterfully told, her story begins when the lifeless body of a small child is found in the Thames. But an extraordinary event is about to take place, as hours later, the young girl takes a breath and returns to life once more. This tale is pure magic -- filled with folklore, suspense, romance, and a richly-layered plot perfect for winter evenings by the fire.

Once Upon a River is available in print, ebook, audio and in the library's express collection.

Diane Setterfield


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