Library Donors

Benefactor Donors ($100,000 and above)

Cochran Family Foundation


Sponsor Donors ($2,500 - $19,999)

Christine L. English
East Lansing Rotary Foundation

2020 Donors

Catherine Allen

David Baker and Victoria Cook

Jean Beaudoin

Joseph Berendt

Karen Bird

John and Nancy Boyse

Carol Brownell

Gary and Juliette Buckberry

Brice Bush

James and Mary Capron

Peter and Jo Lane Cecconi Jr.

Matthew Comstock

Barbara Curtis

Katie DeYoung

Carole and Jerry Dodgson

Janice Hartwick Dressel and David Dressel

Cindy Douglas

Carol Leventen Duane

East Lansing Basketball Club

Keith and Charna Flynn

Barbara Free

Gregory Glatz

Dana Graham

June Haas

Alexis Haubold

Kevin Hawley

Justine Hein

Lara Hewson

Jean Holland

Beatrice Hughes

Deborah Hull

Colleen Hyslop

Joan Ilardo

Nan Jackson

Karen and Gerald Jennings

Natalie Johnston

Kevin A. Kelly Action Fund

Will and Annette Kopachik

Kayla Kubehl

Nell Kuhnmuench and Roy Saper

Min-Hao Kuo

Chester and Frances Lewis

Marta Litos

Frank Lupi

Michelle Manz

Maureen McCabe-Power

Nina L. McMillan

Mark Meadows

Michael Metiva

Kristen Metzger

Adeline Metzler

Debbie Mikula

Gerald Mileski

Daniel Mishkin and Karen Ogle

Mary Mitchell

Elizabeth C. Moore

Michael Moquin

William Morris

Al Murphy

Tracy Nichols

Jessica Nieuwkoop

Herbert and Elaine Olds

Jennifer Pace

Robert and Brittany Pazdan

Pam Rasher

Cherie Reardon

Lynn Richardson

Rebecca Roberts

Michelle Sanchagrin

Laura Schaefer

Kristin Shelley

Heidi Schroeder and Steve Sinas

Carol Siemon

Andrea Smiley

Gretchen Smith

Martha Smith

Suzanne Sorkin and Eliot Singer

Wendy Sylvester-Rowan

Gordon and Sheila Taylor

Phyllis and Mark Thode

Kevin and Margaret Thorpe

Raymond Vlasin

Laura Voelker

Whitehills Book Club

W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Amy and William Zaagman

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