Wiki Racing: A fun, educational game for all ages

This week during Teen Time, the teens taught me about a game called Wiki Racing. The goal is simple - pick two unrelated topics like astronauts and frogs, start the timer and the race is on - how quickly can you move from the beginning Wikipedia page on astronauts to the destination Wikipedia page on frogs using only the hyperlinks in each Wikipedia page to jump to the next subject.

The winner shows off the path they took by pressing the back button on their browser and you get some insight into how they think!

It's a fun and engaging way to quickly skim topics you might not otherwise read about and a unique problem solving challenge for your brain to untangle -- which of the topics on the next page might provide the most direct route to the destination page?

Afterwards players compare journeys and learn how everyone's brain approaches the task differently.

This is a great activity for whole families, adults, kids, and teens to play against peers or across generations. You can play with a minimum of two players and since it can be played remotely with friends and family, there are no limits to how many racers can join!

Want to learn more? Visit the Wikipedia page on Wiki Racing for more information.

To see how the game is played, watch this video in which two friends compete for the best of two out of 3 races.

This game has many names and is sometimes called the Wikipedia Challenge, Wiki War, Speed Runner, The Wiki Game, Wikipedia Race, and Wikipedia Game.