Play Games Online with Friends & Family in Quarantine

We have had so much fun connecting with family and friends who live 1 mile away or 1,500 miles away through online game play. Who knew playing video games remotely, together, could give us the social time we dearly miss while under quarantine and make us feel so connected to each other? Plus, it is guaranteed to make you laugh and forget your troubles for a little while. Want to try it? It's easy! 

Here's how to get started:

One person must own the game, which can be purchased and downloaded to your PC or video game console. We've been playing Jackbox Games because they are funny, good for a wide range of ages, and translate easily to multiplayer online gameplay.

Here's how you play!

To play together remotely, choose the platform you are most comfortable with - all have free versions and there are youtube tutorials to show you how to set each one up. 

Google Hangouts



Having fun? Loving it? Awesome!

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