Digital Escape Rooms: Online Problem Solving Fun for All Ages

Have you done an escape room with us at the library? Or maybe tried one of the Lansing companies that offer them? Escape Rooms are a series of puzzles you must solve to "escape" the room. At the library, we don't lock folks in rooms, so that usually translates to finding clues around the room that help you open the box with a zillion locks and then proclaiming victory with one of those silly signs. 

Now, you can do them online at home! Gather the whole family or sit down to solve them on your own. We have selected three digital escape rooms that span a wide range of ages and promise to provide a little virtual escape from quarantine while exercising the old noggin.

A Day at the Park

Grades 1-4

The day you have been waiting for has finally come! You and your friends are going to the amusement park for a fun filled day of rides, food, and shopping. Now all you need to do is count your money and make a budget to spend your stash.

Secret Agent Mission

Grades 3-8

You and your team have been asked by the FBI to help them solve a super secret case. The FBI knows you are great with solving problems and using your critical thinking skills. They have left you a series of clues to meet them in their top secret location. Solve the clues and find the FBI agents to help them solve this case!

Get Me Home (If You Can)

Grades Middle School - Adult

Oh no! Your 1968 weekend adventure has turned to disaster. After spending a lovely 3 days in Oregon, you want nothing more than to be home... however it seems that the airline has different plans. Dressed in your best garb, you embark on an adventure just to get yourself home. Can you get there while the happy vacation memories are still fresh?

Having fun? Want to show us that you "broke out?" Make your own We Broke Out sign and snap a photo. Then post them on our Facebook wall or your own social media and tag us @elplibrary or @elplibraryteens .