Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes #2 – 7/20/2022

July 20, 2022 at 4:30 p.m.
East Lansing Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting
Library Large Meeting Room
950 Abbot Road
East Lansing, MI 48823

The East Lansing Public Library occupies the ancestral, traditional and contemporary lands of the Anishinaabeg Three Fires Confederacy of Ojibwe, Odawa and Potawatomi peoples land ceded in the 1819 Treaty of Saginaw.

1. Call to Order 4:33 p.m.

2. Roll Call

Trustees present were: Polly Synk, Diane Goddeeris, Pamela Smith and Ameenah Asante. Trustee Amy Zaagman was absent. Also, in attendance were Friends President Maureen McCabe-Power, Director Kristin Shelley, Assistant Director/Head of Customer Experiences Brice Bush, and Executive Assistant to the Director Shori Teeple. City Council Member Liaison George Brookover was absent. There were two attendees from the public.

3. Opening
3.1 Approval of Current Meeting Agenda as amended
Synk moved
Goddeeris seconded
All in favor

3.2 Approval of June 15, 2022 Meeting Minutes
Goddeeris moved
Asante seconded
All in favor

4. Communications
4.1 Thank you cards from Lance Wilkinson and the Michigan Library Association were shared.

5. Audience
5.1 Public Comment - limited to two minutes per person

  • One guest shared public comment.

6. Reports
6.1 City Council Liaison Report:
Goddeeris reported on behalf of Brookover:

  • City Council will not meet again until August.
  • Aquatic Center has been reopened.
  • Call for proposals for Coleman Road property.
  • Summer activities continue downtown.

6.2 Friends of the East Lansing Public Library Report
McCabe-Power Reported:

  • Slow revenue coming in; presently over $65,000 in account.
  • Revised FY23 funding request from library will be sent to Friends for their September meeting.
  • Friends Volunteer Tea was successful and attended by board members and staff.
  • A metal sculpture is being created for Children's Garden in honor of Friends volunteer Joan Fairey.

7. Old Business
7.1 Memorandum of Understanding between the Library and the Friends of the Library--Action

  • More discussion needed between board members and Friends representatives before finalizing memorandum.

8. New Business
8.1 FY22 Year-end Action Plan Update--Discussion

  • Highlights shared.

8.2 FY23 Action Plan

  • Highlights shared.
  • Questions asked about outdoor sign, remote pick-up locations, maintenance of Children's Garden.

Goddeeris moved
Synk seconded
All in favor

9. Library Reports
9.1 Financial Report
Shelley Reported:

  • Printed financial and fund balance reports were shared.

9.2 Director's Report

  • A written report was shared.

9.3 President's Report

  • None

10. Adjournment

Synk adjourned the meeting at 5:23 p.m.

Board of Trustees
Polly Synk, President
Amy Zaagman, Vice President
Pamela Smith, Secretary
Ameenah Asante
Diane Goddeeris

City Council Liaisons
Lisa Babcock
George Brookover

Staff Liaison
Kristin Shelley