East Lansing Public Library FY2018 Action Plan

Date:  July 19, 2017

Mission statement:  

The East Lansing Public Library provides a place and resources where people gather to share information and ideas to enrich lives and foster community.

Focus Areas

Community:  Providing opportunities for people to meet, share ideas and take part in the development of their community.

Learn:  Promoting learning and literacy in all forms to all ages.

Collaborate:  Working with partners toward a common goal.

Develop:  Creating an environment that is future-oriented, serves as good stewards of public resources and innovates the staff and community.

Discover:  Providing a space and the resources that spark creativity and an organization that is in step with industry trends.


  • Create and implement a patron-centric marketing plan.
  • Develop a brand and implement it in all aspects of the library -- services, programming, training.
  • Update the strategic plan.
  • Host the closing reception for the Michigan Library Association (MLA) Annual Conference on October 19.
  • Host the East Lansing Welcomes the World event.
  • Host the One Book, One Community author reception.
  • Host the 7th annual Books, Bites, and Bids fundraiser.
  • Promote sustainability via fundraising for solar panels for the library at the solar farm.
  • Install signage throughout public service area.
  • Continue to fundraise for the pop-up mobile library.
  • Host coffee with the library director.  Set up with the Friends of the Library.
  • Have a table at ELPS Curriculum Nights to promote the library and give out library cards.
  • Research, develop, and implement a material delivery/mailing service for homebound patrons.
  • Continue to offer the monthly Social Justice Reading Group and look for additional community partners to support the program.
  • Host a User Experience (UX) Coffee Hour in the library cafe.
  • Develop and send out preference emails to patrons -- get to know our patrons and personalize our email marketing.
  • Incorporate volunteers into other areas of library service, including programming and tech services.
  • Plan an estate planning workshop for the community with the Capital Region Community Foundation and an estate planner.
  • Analyze processes-starting with the process of getting a library card.
  • Investigate additional non-traditional collections.


  • Develop and implement organizational values and competencies.
  • Create and place signs in the languages the books are written in the Community Languages Collection; i.e. Spanish--Espanol, etc.
  • Add a sensitive topics page to elpl.org.
  • Evaluate and revamp the children’s, teen and adult summer reading programs.
  • Create and implement readers’ advisory plan.
  • Train programming staff to manage their own budgets.
  • Develop a parenting blog on Bibliocommons with links to helpful information, websites and also that highlights books from our Parent/Teacher collection.
  • Develop analysis skills in staff and create a culture of metrics use for telling our story, program and service implementation.
  • Evaluate and analyze effectiveness of current programs.
  • Create accountability measures for programming, services and staff.


  • Partner with the City of East Lansing (COEL) and MSU to develop and present Robot Week in September.
  • Establish a relationship with the Towne Courier and regularly promote ELPL programs and resources in it.
  • Investigate the need to expand the venues and locations in which children’s staff can offer library programming throughout the community.
  • Formalize and implement a school outreach plan for children’s staff.
  • Create more partnerships with MSU to promote, offer, and/or fund library programs and services.
  • Partner with the Kiwanis Club of East Lansing to secure program funding.
  • Partner through Therapy Dogs International (and/or related organizations) to offer regular Read to the Dogs programs.
  • Coordinate Tim Busfield’s Third Annual Performing Arts Warm-Up September 9 & 10 at ELPL.
  • Continue and grow our partnership with Wharton Center.  
  • Continue and grow our partnership with NCG.
  • Grow our partnerships with MacDonald Middle School, East Lansing High School, and Gateway Youth Services.
  • Create more partnerships with local teen organizations to promote, offer, and/or fund library programs and services.
  • Investigate using interns from MSU for assistance with analyzing our services.


  • Revamp how to apply and get a library card.
  • Update emergency guide and continue safety and security training for staff by the Security Team.
  • Create a Human-centered Design process for project and program feasibility.
  • Revamp the Programming Team.
  • Develop service plans for programming and plan programming for at least six-months out.
  • Implement quarterly technology training for all staff.
  • Implement core competencies for all staff.
  • Hire a marketing/development specialist.
  • Implement two mandatory staff in-service days per year.
  • Catalog items in maker studio to increase public awareness and accessibility.
  • Catalog and launch tool library collection.
  • Revamp the following collections: large print, science fiction, romance, and juvenile graphic novels.
  • Create and implement an Express Shelf for high demand titles.
  • Continue to digitize Local History collection and investigate feasibility of featuring digitized local history on elpl.org.
  • Train and mentor staff to use BiblioCommons to curate the collection.
  • Create more BiblioCommons content that is unique to the city/region/state.
  • Develop consistent avenues for positive staff recognition to continue to increase staff morale.
  • Research and establish a 30-day trial card for nonresidents.
  • Best Practices resources for Children's Reader Advisory.
  • Develop and implement “ticketing” system for non-emergency facilities and custodial needs.
  • Evaluate and update circulating hot spot collection.
  • Analyze the process of adding materials to the collection.


  • Identify what innovative services and programs our patrons want and need through user surveys and Harwood Institute techniques interviews.
  • Implement a six-month programming calendar.
  • Purchase and implement room scheduling software.
  • Purchase and implement staff scheduling software.
  • Analyze collection and usage one year after remodeling.
  • Identify additional metrics and statistics needed to further library’s action plan.
  • Review mobile sites from other libraries, as well as our own, and determine if purchase of a mobile app is needed.
  • Purchase and implement next generation self-service infrastructure.
  • Review options for payments at self-service locations (self checks, public printing) and determine if implementation is compatible with city’s system.
  • Develop best practices and staff workload-procedures for the DLA Wand.
  • Circulate Children’s Early Literacy iPads.
  • Repair exterior sign and upgrade to LED lighting.
  • Re-ignite and expand the Makers-in-Residence program.