Survive Together Now – A Virtual Escape Room for Teens!

ELPL is happy to participate in MiLibraryQuest for Summer 2023, a statewide virtual escape room for all Michigan teens! Face all manner of ghasts and ghouls as you solve the mystery of their appearance in our state. Puzzles and riddles will aid you in the quest to Survive Together Now! This month long virtual escape room starts on July 1st and will end on August 5th. Any teen who survives this harrowing quest through ELPL will win a special prize from the library. Teens can sign up and learn more information here starting on July 1st. This quest will be entirely virtual and easy to do from home. 

What is MiLibrary Quest?

In Spring 2020 due to Covid-19, many libraries in Michigan shifted towards offering more virtual programming for teens. A group of librarians met to collaborate on a virtual program meant to engage teens and created MiLibraryQuest. This will be the seventh quest that has been held since MiLibraryQuest has started, with many other libraries around Michigan participating as well. It still remains and fun and engaging way to interact with your library, even at home. 

What is a quest?

Teens will solve challenges and puzzles between July 1st and August 5th in order to complete the quest on MiLibraryQuest's website. Teens may sign up and complete the quest at anytime throughout the length of the quest. Once they have completed the quest, teens will fill out a Google Form that will be sent to the library in order to win a prize. This fun virtual escape room is open to any teen and is free of cost!

Additional information can be found at

For any questions, please feel free to contact Rheanna Reeder, the Teen Services Specialist, at