September 2019 Exhibit in the Brick Wall Gallery

Work from artist Leigh Fairey will be displayed in the gallery beginning September 6.  The Friends invite the public to meet the artist at a reception on September 7 from 2-4pm in the library's cafe.  

Woven art by artist Leigh Fairey
Woven art by artist Leigh Fairey

Artist's statement:

To one, ‘real’ art is a painting by Picasso; to someone else it might be a crocheted cover for a tissue box. Each of us brings our own experiences and prejudices to viewing and judging anything that presents itself as ART.

This collection of work includes my latest experiments combining various materials into colors and patterns I am drawn to. My interest is in work that suggests, but does not describe the natural world in any realistic way. There is no particular philosophy inherent in the pieces. Only the wish to please my eyes, and perhaps distract my attention from the world. My focus is on using recycled, found, and donated bits. I have little formal art training but have been working with weaving, photography, embroidery, collage and fabric dying for several years. 

I have shown at the Glen Arbor Arts Community gallery and the Glen Lake Library. Feedback is most welcome. Orders, too!