Read At Home Ideas

As part of the Michigan third grade reading laws, you and your child may develop a read at home plan, and the library is here to help! Here are some ideas on how you and your child can improves their reading at home.

How much reading? Most school district's read at home plans recommend a minimum of 20 minutes a day of reading outside of school. Of course, you can always read more!

Get creative! Reading practice can be done anywhere! You can practice while you're riding in the car, in the waiting room for an appointment, while you're cooking, reading a bedtime story, and more). 20 minutes of continuous reading is great, but if you're struggling to find time in your schedule, take advantage of smaller chunks of time whenever possible.

Use a fun activity idea. ELPL has resource pages for all five of the areas of reading focus, including games and activities to help boost skills in all of these areas. Check them out here:

You can also find a printable list of activities by area here: Read at Home Tools.