Third Grade Reading: Fluency

Michigan's third grade reading law focuses on building five elements of reading: phoenemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and expression. Although the names of these elements might sound complex, they are straight-forward concepts that you probably understand and practice already! ELPL is here to help support you in all five elements, from understanding what goes into them, ideas on how to practice and develop them, and special ways the library can support you and your child.

What is fluency?

Fluency in this case is the ability to read with speed, accuracy, and understanding. This includes: automatic word recognition, accurate word recognition, and use of expression. Fluency is something that improves naturally as all the elements of reading develop, so it's okay if this one takes some time!

How can we practice it?

Here are some great ways to practice fluency:

  • Spend time reading out loud, and repeat passages that aren't too difficult over and over until they sound smooth and natural
  • Use expression when you read out loud, especially during dialogue, and ask your child to mimic you
  • After your child has practiced reading a passage out loud, record them on a tape player or MP3 device so they can listen back to themselves
  • Alternate reading lines aloud from a book with your child so that they can mimic your expression and cadence
  • Have your child practice reading out loud to lots of different audiences -- grandparents, siblings, pets, stuffed animals and more

Find a full list of activities here: Read at Home Tools.

How does the library support it?

The library offers lots of programs that help develop fluency and read-aloud skills! From sing-along family movies days, Read to a Therapy Dog and Reading Buddies programs, participation in storytimes and more, your child can become comfortable reading in an upbeat, judgment-free and encouraging environment here at ELPL.

Do you have book recommendations to help with fluency?

Find a booklist here!

Kids Books for Fluency

List created by EvaELPL

Children's books to help develop fluency (the ability to read with speed, expression, accuracy, and understanding), one of the key elements of early literacy.

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