May 2017 Friends Art Exhibit – Three Hearts

Featuring three oil painting artists
April 27 - May 27, 2017

Ok-Sun Kim works in oil and watercolor.  Her art is inspired by landscape.  She strives to capture the vividness and delicacy of landscapes.  Also value, i.e., the use of light, is another key factor to her painting in order to express the drama of her painting.  To better enhance dramatic effect, she simplifies or exaggerates shapes of subjects.

Soojin Ryu is a landscape and still life painter who works mainly in oil.  Her art is inspired by her observations of the natural world.  Thus, the works that she produces reflect her sense of awe of nature that she instantly feels.  She emphasizes the simplicity of light and dark shapes and applies paint in a loose, relaxed manner breaking edges.  It is very important to her to eliminate unnecessary details of the subject matter to render it with a simple, but strong message.

Marwa Shetiah is a representational artist mainly in oil, watercolor, and colored pencils.  For her, art is a universal langugage - as a means toward understanding the artist and communicating with all the views of her art.  Every time she makes a brush stroke on the canvas, a new story is told.  Art is one way to escape into her fantasy world.  She truly believes in the beautiful language of art.