How to Honor Women’s History Month this March

The time is drawing near to honor Women's History Month!  Here are a few simple ways you can get into the spirit this March at the East Lansing Public Library:

Listen to your favorite music by female artists.

There are vast selections of female singers, musicians, and feminist bands from every musical period and genre.  Make a playlist on your smartphone filled with your favorite female musicians or find some new music in ELPL's large CD collection to expand your musical education.  Either way, check out this list of favorite albums from female musicians:

Women and Music

Watch strong female characters in your favorite films.

Whether it's powerhouse Katharine Hepburn in black and white or modern Anne Hathaway in "The Dark Knight Rises", you will be honoring women throughout history by enjoying their life's work on screen.  ELPL has a great selection of DVDs and BluRay discs of your favorite film genres.  If you'd like a suggestion of what to watch, search these lists of favorite movies with dynamite women:

Films with Dynamite Women - Drama

Films with Dynamite Women - Non Drama

Read your favorite books by female authors or about feminism.

Women have a special and powerful point of view when writing literature.  Crack open your favorite book by a female author for the hundredth time or find a new book to get excited about in ELPL's collection of sci-fi, mystery, romance, graphic novels, and more.  Take a look at these lists of books either written by women or about feminism to inspire your next read:

Best Women Authors

Feminist Reads

Happy Women's History Month!