December Exhibit in the Brick Wall Gallery

During December the Friends are exhibiting work from local artist Elaine Dobrowolski., opens a new window  Elaine's work will run through the end of December.

"My name is Elaine Dobrowolski, and "emerging" artist, working in oil, acrylic & multi media.

Previous to October 2010 my personal endeavors revolved around raising my family and making a living working in the auto industry.  

In May of 2007 my plant closed and that was the end of my career in the auto industry.  I realized it was time to turn the page and begin a new chapter in my search for a fulfilling path for the future.  I told myself "What better time to pursue knowledge of and learn the fundamentals of the arts???"

Instruction at the Flint Institutue of Art, Flint Michigan for 2 1/2 years opened up a whole new world for me.  Oil painting, drawing, plein aire classes and workshops were my focus.

For me...inspiration is everywhere and I want to paint it.  Landscapes, still life, plein aire in oil or acrylic paints are among my painting endeavors.  Experimentation is also a way for me to explore my limits, push the imagery and create with my medium of choice.

My Artist Statement:

I feel creativity is limitless and my drive to create is ongoing and evolving.