Arr! September 19 be talk like a Pirate Day!

"Avast! We be swashbucklers!" means "Stop! We're pirates!" in pirate! As part of your membership to East Lansing Public Library, you have access to Mango Languages. With Mango you can learn many different languages - 71 languages to be exact! Can you guess what one of them is? PIRATE! You can learn very practical phrases like, "Belay yer carousin' and haul wind smartly!" Translated, this phrase means, "Stop messing around and quickly align the ship with the wind!"

On a more practical level, Mango can be used to prepare you to communicate in many different languages. The ease of having someone speak to you in the language makes it more practical in becoming familiar with how the language is supposed to sound. Sign in to your free account and poke around and see what kind of adventures you can find!

Once you've learned how to speak pirate, hop over to this list and read about different types of pirate shenanigans!


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Avast! Let ye go on a swashbucklin' adventure!

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