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Season 3, Episode 15: The Bubble, opens a new window

After a new City Manager is sworn in, Ron prepares for the inevitable shake-up that is to come, but he has no idea just how many changes are in store for Parks and Rec:Nick Offerman starring as Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation episode The Bubble

Jerry is promoted as the new head of public relations

April becomes everyone's assistant and is permanently tied to a desk on wheels

Tom and Andy are sent to work on the fourth floor, where they are told during an office tour to "try not to move things around because technically speaking this is still a crime scene"

Donna is given a new keyboard that, despite being more ergonomically friendly, also succeeds in driving her insane -
"This spaceship keyboard is driving me crazy! I'm down to one word a minute, and the word is "perflipisklup" because I can't fly spaceships!"

And Ron -- oh, poor Ron -- is removed from his beloved office, and sent to a circular desk prison containing a single swivel chair in a small donut hole-like center. If you know anything about Ron Swanson, you know that being accessible to everyone in the department AND the public at all times is not something Ron enjoys!

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