2022 Community Writing Center Fiction Contest: First Place, Youth Category: Sammy Kang, “The Green Screen Room 1”

Congratulations to Sammy Kang, the First Place winner of the Community Writing Center Fiction Contest in the Youth category!

Sammy Kang is a 11 year old kid who likes to draw and write stories. He lives in East Lansing (obviously) with his parents, brother, and dog. In his spare time, Sammy draws and plays video games. He wrote “The Green Screen Room”. Sammy will be 6th grader at the MacDonald Middle School starting this fall. He loves reading and writing.
Enjoy Sammy's story below:

the green

screen room 1

the author did not include capitalization because he didn’t want to, and it was his intention

by Sammy Kang

published by me™

part one; cities and sand -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

one monday morning i was sitting out on my porch, keeping an eye out for the mailman who kept collapsing on my driveway. i wanted to find him and stop it from happening again.  

anyways, back to the point. 

a long white van pulled up and the guy inside said something along the lines of “hey! buddy! do you want some free chocolate cupcakes? come inside the back!” 

now, i want you to be completely honest with me. wouldn’t you have followed some shady guy into the back of a van for some chocolate cupcakes? i think any sane person would.

actually, i’m pretty sure my physician told me i was lactose intolerant. i wasn’t sure though, so i took the risk and climbed into the back of the bland van. 

then, the guy had the nerve to cover my mouth with a rag. i felt a bit drowsy,  my eyelids were getting heavy and my vision fogged. then everything went black.

ok yeah i was fine, i woke up an hour later outside on the grass. i was sprawled on the ground, tied up in rope.  

turns out there were two shady guys, not one, which i would have noticed if they hadn’t lured me with the cupcakes!  

i guess it’s kinda my fault.

they were talking about something. probably politics. i don’t know. then, they grabbed me and dragged me to the doorstep of a strange sight. 

it was a house. and it was completely green! bright green bricks, windows, doors, everything. even the smoke that bellowed from the chimney was green.

i feel like someone should be worried about that last one.  

it could be poisonous.  

anyway, the shady guys opened the green door and threw me in. the ropes binding me suddenly unfurled and i banged on the door, demanding for me to be released.  

just kidding. i demanded my chocolate cupcakes. i was hungry, okay?  

i gave up after a while and slumped onto the ground, thinking what to do. then i realized what was around me. a bunch of green screens those youtubers use, or something.  

the ground was also covered in sand, which was strange because most houses usually don’t have sand on their floors. the strangest thing was that there was a PC in the center of the room.  

i went over to it, and one of the “games”it had was fortnite.


fortnite is my least favorite game in the history of the world and the universe. and even though the other installment was a weather forecast, i’d rather look at that.

a little pop-up thing appeared on my screen. it read “get a victory royale and i will let you leave.” 

millions of things ran through my head. most of it was sadness and the other was depression. so i regrettably booted it up and played a game of battle royale. unsurprisingly, i kept dying to this tryhard kid named BloodyAsian_14 and i got super mad.

i looked up some hacks for me to load into fortnite and i obliterated everyone with it. it wasn’t really fair, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

then i got banned, but we don’t talk about that.

as promised i got to leave. not in the way expected, though.

the ground under me ruptured and i fell through. i landed in some kind of river and slowly drifted away.  

the water began to swish and churn faster and faster and faster. it was hard to keep my head up on the surface to breathe. i briefly saw glimpses of street lights and tall buildings.  

then, i was completely submerged underwater and dragged down by an unseeable force. i ran out of oxygen and it all went black.

i awoke in the middle of a city street. the yellow glow of the street lights felt soothing, and the calm atmosphere was pleasant.  

that’s when i noticed pieces of skyscrapers ripped out. bent lights and signs.

something was here, and it definitely wasn’t friendly.

a terrible roar shook the city. crumbs of brick and stone fell from the seemingly unending sky. two glowing red eyes appeared from an unlighted alley.

it sniffed the air, on the hunt for prey. its eyes met mine, and it charged forwards.

i quickly scrambled left and crashed head first into a stop sign. the beast had nasty black scales and three tongues. its claws were stained with dark yellow.  

the monster was massive. MASSIVE. it was as big as a double-decker bus and ran as fast as a commercial airplane.  

after missing me, the monster slammed into a wall and quickly turned around, unfazed. it charged again and i hid in the safety of a building. i guess it wasn’t safe enough, as the building shook when the beast crashed into it.  

scrambling up the stairs, i heard the shattering of glass as the monster broke inside.

it took out the entire bottom floor, making the building fall over into a nearby canal.

glass crackled and shattered all around, while bricks erupted into the air. somehow, i managed to land in the canal safely. it led into a dark tunnel.

i slowly drifted into the cavern.  


and further.

and further…

i awoke back in the room filled with the green screens. the hole i fell through was patched, and the PC was demolished.  

everything else, like the sand and green screens were still there

i felt my foot step on something sharp.

digging through the sand under me, i found a copper key, meddled with rust. i didn’t see anything i could use it on, so i threw it aside.  

when the key hit the ground though, i heard a click. i looked up and saw an opening crumble open, revealing a strange desert-like land. the sand swirled all around, and was sucked into the opening.  

so was i.  

i was swept into the desert, and i thought for a second.  

by now i was REALLY hungry. i hadn’t been given my cupcake. i wondered if i should stop thinking about cupcakes. nah.  

what was in front of me though, gave me something real to think about. a massive pyramid with sandy bricks that shifted directions.  

a door magicked itself to the front of the temple, so i went in.

it seemed to be an obstacle course. with lava. LAVA. spinning blades swept around, along with fire traps embedded into the stone.  

i stepped onto the first platform safely. then, a massive wrecking ball i hadn’t seen earlier almost knocked me off the second platform. while the trap swung back, i quickly leaped to the third platform.  

there was a long path with fire traps. i carefully tiptoed around them, but when i reached the tiled floor at the end of the path, the tiles fell. scrambling to the end was difficult when the ground was falling under me.  

i took a leap of faith and tumbled into the last platform. one of the spinning blades grazed my leg, scratching it.

it hurt. there was a telephone to the left of me, so i called 911. what else would i do with a phone?

the receiver didn’t believe a word i said and hung up.  

i am so suing them if i escape. can you sue the police force?

the blades were attached to little knobs, so i could step on those to escape. it was quite a challenge.

if at any moment i was to fall, i would be blended like a smoothie. a strawberry smoothie.  

i reached the door at the end and hopped through with glee.  

my vision faded to black. again.  


part two; pixeled death --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

once again, i woke up in the same room. but the sand and the copper key were missing. the only things left were the green screens and the demolished PC.

something that wasn’t there before was a glowing button on the broken PC.  

i pressed it. obviously.

the PC shook wildly and started to levitate into the air. green particles crackled from it, along with distorted noises.  

a wild pixelated tentacle broke from the PC, and vicious fangs erupted from it as well. eventually, the entire body of a beast escaped the computer and roared. :0

it had seven (not eight) tentacles which swung wildly everywhere. its entire body was pixelated, and it had five eyes, each with a different shaped iris.  

the beast started after me and backed me up to a green screen. it swung its pixelated arm and knocked me through the screen.  

the screen led me to an interdimensional wormhole tunnel where i could see fragments of the past and what seemed to be the future.

suddenly, the monster followed right behind me. its hexagon iris eyeball fired a laser which barely almost vaporized me. moving around was kind of like swimming.

i kept on checking behind me.

it was getting closer and closer.

then, i saw a floating green screen. i freestyle swam over to it and went through. it took me to a medieval street. people screamed as the monster broke through as well.  

i grabbed a couple of apples from a nearby merchant and tossed them as ammunition. unfortunately, the beast simply gobbled them up without hesitation.  

i turned into a dark alley and saw another green screen. i leaped in and was teleported to a quarry in africa or something.

i passed a bunch of workers, who would soon be trembling in fear due to the monster chasing me. i swerved into a long tunnel dug out by a machine.  

the monster, barely fitting inside of the tunnel, kept on chasing me.  

i guess it must have hit something important, though.

because the tunnel started collapsing.

i ran as fast as the wind, when i saw the green screen at the end of the tunnel. dodging falling stones and crystals, i reached the end of the tunnel.  

i also pocketed a shiny diamond, but we don’t talk about that.  

i dove through, leaving the monster to be crushed in the tunnel.

it all faded to black.  

once again i woke up in the room with the green screens. but the green screens were gone. vanished. the only thing left was a door, along with a red exit sign.

I opened the door… 


and saw a brick wall along with a sticky note that said”LOL.”