Friends of the East Lansing Public Library

New Friendshop is Open!

We are particularly proud of our new space, and encourage you to check it out at the sale.  It's long been a desire to have a real shop space!  It's our belief that with this new location we will be better able to serve you by displaying our books and other items in a lovely, accessible manner.

Friends Preparing for Final Library Closure

The Friends of the East Lansing Public Library are preparing for the final closure of the library.  The ELPL will be closed from August 26 through September 30 to complete the final portions of the library's year long renovation project.  When the full building re-opens on October 1 the Friends will be in their brand new retail space in the front of the libary.

During the August/September closure the Friends will not be accepting donations.  If you have a large amount of materials to donate that you cannot hold until the re-opening in October, and would like the Friends to consider picking up your materials, please contact Friends President Maureen McCabe-Power at 989.798.7775 for assistance.  

Friends Board Meeting Highlights - April 2016

Meeting date April 26, 2016

It has been a busy spring as the Friends have operated from carts in the library rather than the customary shop. While the revenue has been reduced the total Friends account as of April 30th is $54,860.43.

Friends of the East Lansing Public Library Carry On Through the Renovation

Wearing hardhats as required, board members of the Friends of the East Lansing Public Library (FOELPL) Board got a preview last Friday of the nearly completed renovation in the north half of the library.  They pronounced results well worth the occasional inconvenience to staff, patrons, and Friends since renovation began last December.  The library was closed over the holidays while everything which would be needed to stay in business was concentrated in the south end.  A temporary wall was erected for safety while work proceeded on the north end.

Now to complete the project, the library must reverse things.  The shiny new north end will be open for all business in the next few months while the south end, still behind a protective wall, will undergo the work it needs. The library will be closed from May 16 to May 23 for this transition to take place.  When it opens again, traffic will go through the north door.  The space may feel crowded, but people will be assured the library services they expect.  It is anticipated that the entire library will reopen in early September.

The Friendshop WILL BE OPEN throughout the second renovation phase--the Friendshop on carts, that is.  Patrons will find the customary bargains in desirable books covering many subjects.  FOELPL adds  books daily, features shelves with books covering special themes or genre, and offers rare books at exceptionally low prices.

FOELPL is grateful that throughout renovation the library has been able to accommodate the Friendshop.  FOELPL will keep the shop on carts going with donations they have in hand.  However, during this second renovation phase, they will not be able to accept new donations of books or other materials at the library.  There simply will be no space for processing them in the crowded south end of the library.  This situation is a challenge for FOELPL because they WILL conduct their annual book sale this coming fall as usual.  And they WILL need more books.

So in the meantime if you have an urgent need to donate books, contact Friends President Maureen McCabe-Power at 989.798.7775, and FOELPL will arrange to pick up your donation.

The exciting news for FOELPL is that in the new library they will have their own room--a true shop.  This will be where the AV room now is, the glass-fronted room that is inside the entry, west of the checkout desk.  FOELPL is naming this room "Marsha's Friendshop" in recognition of Marsha Bristor who volunteered her inspiration, knowledge, and countless hours of sheer labor to the Friendshop for nearly two decades until she retired in the summer of 2015.

FOELPL is planning a special event to dedicate Marsha's Friendshop in conjunction with their annual book sale.  Mark your calendars now for this event the evening of Friday, October 21, and for the sale on Saturday and Sunday, October 22-23.  Used book sales are the main source of income for FOELPL, which funds many programs, materials, and equipment at your East Lansing Public Library. 










Friends Will Stop Accepting Used Book Donations at Library on April 30

Beginning April 30, the Friends of the East Lansing Public Library will discontinue accepting donations at the library.  This is due to limited space available for book sorting during Phase II of the library's renovation project.  Used books and other media will still be available for purchase during Phase II of the renovation project, beginning May 23.  Donations will once again be accepted at the library in September 2016 when the fully remodeled library re-opens to the public.  If you have a large amount of materials to donate and would like the Friends to consider picking up your materials, please contact Friends President Maureen McCabe-Power at 989.798.7775 for assistance.

Spring 2016 Friends Newsletter is Now Available!

The Spring 2016 issue of Friend to Friend, the official newsletter for the Friends of the East Lansing Public Library, is now available!

Friends Board Meeting Highlights - January 2016

Meeting date January 26, 2016

Minutes were reviewed and approved as submitted.

September financial reports were reviewed and approved.  The total capital asset number is $48,869.90. 

The library is once again open for business as is the Friendshop though we look much different and will until the library renovation is complete, which is expected to be in the late summer or early fall of 2016. Then look for us in what is now the AV room.

For now we will shop/buy from carts on the floor near the old Friendshop and from the display unit in the entrance to the library.  We are taking donations on a limited basis given our space constraints. It is good to call ahead and we have a limit of two boxes or bags at a time of books in good condition please.

Framed art sales offerings are on display in the library and more will be added as pieces sell. Once the library is open again, there will be more to choose from to decorate the walls of your domicile.

As was reported previously, there will no longer be a North Foyer Gallery. Local artists will be invited to display and sell in the library proper specifically in the Cyber Café next to the new Friendshop as well as in the meeting room.

Library Director, Kristin Shelley reports that the contractors renovating the library are on schedule. A Deputy Director has been hired and will be starting in early March. Jason Schoup is a Michigander by birth and is returning with his family to Michigan from New Mexico. We will all welcome Jason and know he will need to be a quick study joining us at a very critical and exciting time for the library.

The library board has created a “Teen Library Card” for young people between the ages of 12-17. The card is acquired by the young patron and doesn’t require a parent’s signature – a big step in learning to be responsible. There are some borrowing limitations and fines for overdue materials of course still apply.

The library has also created a recognition program for students with 3.0 GPA. 

The library announces the annual fundraiser  - Books, Bites & Bids will be held this year on April 29, 2016 in the Hannah Center Banquet Room. Hours will be from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM. There will be beer, wine, food, music, silent auction items and a children’s activity area.

We now have three people selling used books for the Friends on eBay. Given limited selling space in the library we are trying to ramp up eBay sales.

Our legislative watch Jim Anderson reports that HB 71 has passed. It’s not good news for many of us in the public sector who desperately need to get information out when millage and election of leaders are on the ballot. Public hearings were not held and the suspicion is that many who voted for it did not read the bill. Whether or not it can be “fixed” is a huge question.

We are on the path of finding a new newsletter person so stay tuned and watch for a newsletter in your mailbox in the not too distant future.

The Friends are putting energy behind identifying fund raising activities in addition to the sale of used books. Lots of ideas are being considered so if you have some ideas please let us know. 

The much-needed library renovation is necessarily curtailing the amount of used book sales this year, but we are still planning a fall book sale in the library so be on watch for dates. 

The Friends once again thank the Kiwanis Key Club and the National Honor Society Students for all their help with the fall book sale.

Don’t be shy let us hear from you. Volunteers are always welcome and very much needed.

Printable version of January 2016 FOELPL highlights

Friends Board Meeting Highlights October 2015

Meeting date October 27, 2015

New board member Deborah Smith was introduced and will fill the roll of member-at-large.

September financial reports were reviewed and approved. The total capital asset number is $37,503.84. The October book sale final report is still pending, but the sale netted about $4,000 with expenses of about $1,000 including room rental, book moving and recycling leftovers.

We would love to hear from those who came to the sale and to that end Lanette has created a “exit interview” on our Facebook page so please respond and give us your feedback. Thank you to all our supporters.

We are getting closer to construction time and the closing of the Friendshop in its current location. The Friends will be selling books from carts wherever space can be found for the duration of the renovation. Story times for children will be held in All Saints Episcopal Church during the months of library construction.

The last art show in the North Foyer Gallery is coming down October 29th. Once the renovation is complete new art exhibit space will be in the Cyber Café next to the new Friendshop.

Our legislative watch Jim Anderson reports that there are bills in the legislature that chip away at library funds. One is the consideration of spending $600 million dollars on roads with no definitive plan as to where to find the money.

Information needs to get out to Friendshop shoppers and Friends’ donors explaining the construction timeline and how it will impact Friends’ fundraising.

Framed art sales offerings will necessarily be curtailed during the library renovation, as many pieces will have to be stored until construction is completed.

Friends Board Meeting Highlights September 2015

Meeting date September 22, 2015

This was our first board meeting of the 2015-2016 year. Our current total capital is $48,159.81.

New board members and some roll changes were announced. Welcome Jerry Litzinger and Joan Fairey. Jerry will assume the roll of Treasurer from Lanette Van Wagenen and Joan will share Friendshop responsibilities with Lanette.  Sheila Taylor will be our Public Relations person and Jim Anderson will assume the responsibilities of Legislative Watch, as Tricia Thorpe becomes our Secretary.

We regretfully accept the resignation of Marsha Bristor our long time Friendshop leader who is missed daily and Gail Light who has stepped down as our newsletter writer. Thank you both for your service to the Friends.

At the August library board meeting Maureen learned that the contractors have had their “walk through” and bids for the library renovation project are due October 1, 2015. Staff and volunteers will be wearing t-shirts reminding people to donate to the library capital campaign.

Friendshop volunteers met with the library consultant about the plan for the new Friendshop that will now be located in the current AV room so be watching for our new look.

The “Big Book Sale” is October 10 and 11, 2015 at the Hannah Center in the Banquet Room. Doors will open at 9:00 AM on Saturday, October 10, 2015 and stay open until 6:00 PM. Sunday hours will be from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM with all you can fit into a bag for $2.00.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who work many hours daily in the Friendshop and thanks to the shoppers who choose to spend their money in the Friendshop.  We now have “gently used” purses on sale as well as books; CDs, DVDs, t-shirts and other items of interest please come and shop.

Thank you to Lanette Van Wagenen and Carol Gruen for our EBay sales.

Lanette and Sandi Farrell report that art for sale from our collection has been reduced and is on display in the AV room. If you like something make an offer!  Contact Lanette

Lily LaFollette and Kim McKerracher are currently exhibiting in the North Foyer Gallery of the library so please come and view some very exciting pieces.

The Board passed unanimously the library’s request for $16,000 to aid with programs and materials for the 2015-2016 year.

Don Power announced a grant from the Kiwanis Foundation of East Lansing to the library in the amount of $2,350.

Printable copy of the September 2015 highlights

The Friends of ELPL Participate in Amazon Smile

Who hasn't heard about Well, if you shop via, you can choose The Friends of The East Lansing Public Library as Amazon's charity recipient when you buy through Amazon. It's a simple one-click choice! 

See the link below for more information. It's WIN-WIN! Thank you!

North Art Gallery September and October 2015

In Septmeber and October the gallery will be featuring:

Artistic Explorations

Featuring the artwork of Award winning artists Lily LaFollette and Kim McKerracher, including paintings featuring landscapes, floral figures and animals.

Lily and Kim are avid en plein air (in the open air) painters, traveling the countryside for inspiration. 

This show will be hung in the North Gallery on September 11, and a reception for the artists will take place on Thursday, September 24 from 6-8pm.


Lily LaFollette – Earthy Visions LLC
Mediums:  Oils, Acrylic and Watercolor
Genre:  Landscapes, Still Life, Animal, Florals

After a career in motherhood and business administration, Lily followed her dream to travel and paint in plein air.  For the past 10 years, she has regularly traveled to paint and has been studying with nationally known artists.

Lily loves the dramatic and diverse landscape of the Great Lakes Region.  Her favorite spots include Glen Arbor, Mackinac Island, Tahquamenon Falls and Pictured Rocks.  Living in Mid-Michigan gives her access to an abundance of farms, wildlife, and forest while providing a short trip to visit the majesty of the Great Lakes. 

Currently, Lily’s work includes the dramatic Great Lakes Coastline, the quiet rustic countryside, traditional still life, florals and commissioned artwork including animal and house portraits.  Her work is available at shows, in her studio and online at 

Lily is an award winning artist, participating in many shows:  Saginaw Art Museum, Flint Art Museum, Glen Arbor Art, Lansing Art Gallery, Kaleidoscope, Mid Michigan Historical Museum, Huron Valley Arts.  

She has been featured in The Detroit News and Free Press in an article featuring her donated artwork to the Livingston County Senior Meals on Wheels program, netting over $4000 for their fundraising efforts.  She also supports the LACASA (battered women and children program) by painting and donating during the Garden Tours.  


Kim "Kwaz" McKerracher RN BSN
City:   Goodrich, Michigan
Mediums:  Oils, Soft Pastels, and Charcoals
Genre: Portrait/Pets, Landscapes, and Florals

Kim has been a practicing nurse for over 35 years.   She has been a Director of Nursing, a Professional Beach Volleyball Champion, A National Walleyball Champion, and a HS/Club Volleyball coach.  She has been drawing and painting off and on since 1999.
The first time Kim exhibited her art work, she won Best of Show.  Since then, she has won numerous cash art awards at various exhibits and galleries around Michigan, including a People's Choice Award. 
Carving out time to paint has been a challenge for Kim.  She enters and sells her work at various Michigan Plein Air Paint outs, galleries, and cafes.  To see more of Kim's art work and her upcoming art shows go to her website:


Annual Big Book Sale at Hannah Community Center

Hannah Community Center

Spring 2015 Purse Fundraiser Raised $2,000!The Friends' biggest fund raising activity -- the annual big book sale -- will be held October 10 and 11 at the Hannah Community Center.  Details will be forthcoming.

The sale schedule will be:

Saturday, October 10 from 9am - 6pm
Sunday, October 11 from 1pm - 4pm


Sunday is BAG Day!  Fill one of our plastic grocery bags for $2.00.

Also available at the sale:

  • Donated bags, backpacks, luggage and other carriers
  • "Garage" sale items from the library, as they pare down in preparation for the big renovation.

The move to the Hannah Community Center is necessitated because of renovations that will be underway at the library.

Friends are urged to continue contributions of books, DVDs, and purses between now and then to support this major fund-raising event!

Amazing Selection of Children's Materials For Sale in the Friendshop!

Make sure to stop by the library's Friendshop to browse the latest batch of children's books for sale.  They just arrived and are priced to sell!



















North Art Gallery August 2015

Our August artist in the North Gallery is D. Eric Johnson.  His Visions of Wildlife "shares the beauty of it was meant to be".

Join the Friends as we celebrate Eric's work with a Gallery Reception on Saturday, August 15, from 2-4pm in the library's North Foyer Art Gallery.

Or stop by sometime in August to enjoy his work, and check out his website with more beautiful art at

Eric Johnson’s love of photography dates back to the early 60’s, when he spent the very first money he earned from a paper route to purchase a Kodak Instamatic camera as a young teenager; a few months later he purchased his first “real” camera, a 35mm SLR.   He joined the Michigan State police in 1978, but paralleled his time in law enforcement by owning and operating full-time portrait studios in two separate locations starting in 1983, winning numerous state, local, and national awards.  After a 30-year career in law enforcement, he went-on to specialize in forensic photography, and now teaches forensic photography to law enforcement personnel in Michigan and across the country.  Eric is recognized throughout the United States as an expert in forensic photography; he is currently the only Certified Evidence Photographer in Michigan, as well as the only Certified Forensic Photographer in Michigan – sharing both of these designations with only 5 other photographers worldwide.

For more than 35 years Eric has also pursued his passion of wildlife and landscape photography, and has amassed an extensive library with tens-of-thousands of images.  Eric’s images have been published by the National Eagle Center, the Michigan Audubon Society, Get Lost travel magazine (Australia), and used by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources in various publications and promotional literature.
After years of being urged by his family and friends, he has decided to share his Visions of Wildlife with those that otherwise may not have the opportunity to view the beauty of nature – as it was meant to be seen.

Fresh Flowers by Young-Ja Chi

Artist:  Young-Ja Chi
Title:  Fresh Flowers
Medium:  Acrylic
Price:  $525.00

Young-Ja is a multiple award winning local artist.  In an article from 1986 she is quoted as saying "I remember in elementary school we didn't have enough crayons.  Then somehow I got some crayons made in America.  I can't forget the green, how pretty it was."