Staff Picture Book Recommendations

ELPL Staff Picture Book Recommendations

National Picture Book Month

Jabari Jumps

EvaELPL said:

Jabari knows he's a great jumper, but when he sets his sights on the high dive, he gets a little nervous. Fortunately, with some love from his dad, he…

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Be Kind

EvaELPL said:

A beautiful, sweet, and simple book that shows the effects our kindnesses can have on others.

Bear and Wold

laurendouglass said:

This book perfectly captures the near silence of a winter's night in the woods. Beautifully illustrated story about a bear and wolf who warily become friends.…

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laurendouglass said:

With beautiful drawings in all shades of blue, and cut outs in the paper to pull the reader along through time and pages, Blue is the story of the bond…

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RobertELPL said:

Great story to showcase the power of words and how there are so many words to express so many different things. Good for a read-aloud.

RobertELPL said:

Quaint story that teaches kids a little about lighthouses and what the life of a lighthouse keeper used to look like. Some good imagery accompanies the…

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RobertELPL said:

Great book to show girls all that they can be and accomplish and that no matter how different you are from the person next to you, everyone has the same…

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RobertELPL said:

Sweet story that shows your culture is a part of who you are, no matter how little you can remember.

prince and knight

RobertELPL said:

Very nice story about a prince finding the right person for him and accompanied by amazing illustrations.

we don't eat our classmates

RobertELPL said:

Hilarious way to teach kids about treating others the way you want to be treated. Will be enjoyed by parents as well.

ocean meets sky

RobertELPL said:

Beautifully fantastical story about a boy remembering his grandfather. The dream-like illustrations match up perfectly with the story.

they say blue

RobertELPL said:

Beautiful illustrations and words make for a melodic story about a little girl marveling at the colors that make up her world. I can see this being a great…

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the day you begin

RobertELPL said:

This story looks at how difficult it can be to walk into a room and be different, in some way, from everyone else. However, there are more commonalities…

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RobertELPL said:

Nice story about all of the different ways that love comes and goes, and the many forms it can take in our everyday lives from the moment we are born and…

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the rabbit listened

RobertELPL said:

Great story that looks at all of the ways a child could handle a bad situation and all of the emotions they could go through. Also looks into how the way…

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drawn together

RobertELPL said:

Heartfelt story about a grandson and grandfather finding a connection through art. This does a great job at being able to both honor the differences between…

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me and my fear

laurendouglass said:

Sanna has found a very clever way to illustrate and personify fear in her latest picture book. Whether your fears are large and all encompassing or small…

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pig the fibber

laurendouglass said:

Once again, Pig is tormenting his best friend Trevor, this time by lying! A fun, gentle read to introduce little ones to the consequences of stretching…

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laurendouglass said:

It you loved Treat, by Mary Sullivan: Dude! is just for you. Dude? Dude.


laurendouglass said:

Perfect for anyone who has ever felt strange about their looks. Edward the giraffe, and his new friend Edward, will help you realize that everyone is beautiful…

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a horse named steve

EvaELPL said:

The illustrations make this book -- you can't help but love Steve's dopey expression as he tries to be special!

not quite narwhal

EvaELPL said:

This is rapidly becoming one of my storytime go-to's! It has everything I love to share with kiddos -- a sense of humor, bright and engaging illustrations,…

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hello hello

laurendouglass said:

If you love animals, this book is for you. If you love colors, this book is for you. If you love friends, this book is for you. Hello Hello, this book…

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interrupting chicken

laurendouglass said:

This book is for anyone who has ever misheard or misused an often used phrase, like: "For all intensive purposes" instead of "For all intents and purposes"…

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EvaELPL said:

Bright, sweet, and inclusive, this book is lovely through and through.

be a star

EvaELPL said:

I love this bright, empowering look at what it means to be a mighty girl!

city moon

EvaELPL said:

A sweet story that follows a boy and his mother on an evening walk, this is a wonderful book that reminds us to notice and appreciate everything around…

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you can read

EvaELPL said:

A delightful, zany ode to reading!

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