Library Board of Trustees Special Meeting Minutes – May 19, 2021

May 19 at 4:30pm
East Lansing Public Library Board of Trustees Special Meeting

Audio Recording of Meeting, opens a new window (M4A format)

1) Call to Order 4:34 pm

2) Roll Call

Trustees present were Lance Wilkinson (location: East Lansing, Michigan in Ingham County), Diane Goddeeris (location: East Lansing, Michigan in Ingham County), Polly Synk (location: East Lansing, Michigan in Ingham County), Paul Cervenak (location: Cascade Township, Michigan in Kent County), and Amy Zaagman (location: East Lansing, Michigan in Ingham County). Also, in attendance were City Council Liaison Jessy Gregg, Friends President Maureen McCabe-Power, Director Kristin Shelley, Assistant Director/Head of Customer Experiences Brice Bush, and Head of Technology Services Lauren Douglass.

3) Opening
A) Approval of April 21, 2021 Meeting Minutes
Cervenak moved.
Zaagman seconded.
All in favor.

B) Approval of Current Meeting Agenda
Zaagman moved.
Cervenak seconded.
All in favor.

4) Communications
A) Audience/Public Comment

  • None

5) Reports
A) City Council Liaison Report
Gregg reported:

  • Graduate East Lansing will open soon
  • FY22 budget will go before council 5/25
  • Greetings mural dedication on 5/20/21 at Roadhouse Pub

B) Friends of the East Lansing Public Library Report
McCabe-Power reported:

  • Preparing to get volunteers back into the library as soon as possible

6) Old Business
A) Reopening 

  • Revisit pandemic code of conduct when MiOSHA releases update
  • Consider expanding library hours once staff is fully vaccinated
  • Maintain current mask requirement until next board meeting

B) Resolution 19-21 to approve revised Exhibit Policy.

  • Revised Exhibit Policy was found to be legal and ready for approval

Approval of revised Exhibit Policy
Goddeeris moved.
Cervenak seconded.
All in favor.

7) New Business

A) Summer Reading Program 2021
Bush reported

  • June 7-August 9 all ages program with in-person/virtual participation
  • Registration is live now at

B) ELPL Website
Douglass reported

  • All feedback considered for edits and changes on
  • Vendor name can be replaced by description of content
  • Location & Hours information hard coded by Bibliocommons, quick access button can be added
  • Library on the Go has a dedicated page, it is not a “location” because of circulation parameters
  • Colors changed from blue to purple for the buttons and bands, accessibility is always at the forefront of all design decisions

8) Library Reports
A) Financial Report
Shelley Reported:

  • A printed financial and fund balance report were shared.

B) Director's Report

  • A written report was shared.

C) President's Report

9) Announcements
A) None

10) Adjournment
Wilkinson adjourned the meeting at 5:37 p.m.