Library Board of Trustees Minutes – January 15, 2020

January 15, 2020 at 4:30pm
East Lansing Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting
Library Conference Room
950 Abbot Road

1) Call to Order 4:33pm

2) Roll Call

Trustees present were Amy Zaagman, Lance Wilkinson, Diane Goddeeris, and Polly Synk. Trustee Paul Cervenak was excused. Also in attendance were City Council Liaison Jessy Gregg, Friends Representative Sheila Taylor, Director Kristin Shelley, Assistant Director/Head of Customer Experiences Brice Bush, Executive Assistant to the Director Shori Teeple, and Circulation Supervisor Kevin Hawley.

3) Opening
A) Approval of December 18, 2019 Meeting Minutes
Goddeeris moved.
Synk seconded.
All in favor.
Motion carried.

B) Approval of Current Meeting Agenda

Goddeeris moved.
Synk seconded.
All in favor.
Motion carried.

4) Communications
A) Audience: none

5) Reports
A) City Council Liaison Report:
Gregg reported:

  • Nominations for Crystal Awards are being accepted until February 14, with the awards event to be held on Thursday, April 16 at 5:00pm.· Prospects for an annual deer cull program were discussed at a recent council meeting.

    · Zoning changes and 15-minute grace periods for downtown parking were discussed.

    · Emerging Leaders begins on January 16.

    · Liaison office hours will be in the café area on Fridays starting 1/24.

B) Friends of the East Lansing Public Library Report
Taylor reported:

  • Funds raised by Friends in December 2019 included: $3,759.43 from used book sales, $75 in donations, $230 from Ebay sales, net proceeds of $153 from Etsy sales, and $1,766 in additional donations.· A meeting of Friends volunteers was held with discussion about book/material storage strategies.

6) Old Business
A) Resolution 05-20 to authorize the East Lansing Public Library to go Fine Free for FY 2021 beginning on July 1, 2020.

· Hawley shared a powerpoint detailing questions and answers about libraries going fine free, including why libraries are doing it and why it’s important for everyone.

Goddeeris moved.
Synk seconded.
All in favor.
Motion carried with Trustee requests for an annual evaluation of Fine Free impacts and outcomes.

7) New Business:

A) SB 611 – information

· Proposed draft Senate Bill SB 611 was shared.

· A substitute bill has been proposed by the Michigan Library Association.

B) Resolution 06-20 to authorize application for special liquor license for Books, Bites & Bids on April 17, 2020.

Wilkinson moved.
Goddeeris seconded.
Motion carried.

8) Library Reports
A) Fiscal Year 2020 Action Plan 6-month update was shared.
B) Financial Report

· Shelley is working on the FY 2021 budget.

· An app has been purchased from Bibliocommons.

C) Director's Report

Shelley Reported:

· Highlights of events were shared.

· The Black History 101 Mobile Museum event has been moved from January to March 30.

D) President’s Report
No report was shared.

  • Books, Bites and Bids is scheduled for Friday April 17, 2020 from 5:30 – 9:00pm. Advertising was discussed. Trustees were in support of the proposed ticket price increases: from $30 to $35 for individuals and from $60 to $70 for couples and families.
  •  Resolution 07-20 to authorize the library to waive the meeting room fee and host a memorial event for Don Power on March 15 from 10:00am – 12:30pm in recognition of his service to the library. Don’s wife is the current President of the Friends.

Goddeeris moved.
Synk seconded.
Motion carried.

10) Adjournment
Wilkinson moved.
Synk seconded.
All in favor.
Motion carried.

Zaagman adjourned the meeting at 5.59 p.m.