Library Board of Trustees Minutes – February 20, 2019

February 20, 2019 at 4:30pm
East Lansing Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting
3/4 Meeting Room
950 Abbot Road

  1. Call to order
    Cervenak called the meeting to order at 4:34pm
  2. Roll Call
    All trustees were present, except Lance Wilkinson.  Also in attendance were Friends Representative Sheila Taylor, Assistant Director/Head of Customer Experiences Brice Bush and Director Kristin Shelley.  City Council Erik Altmann arrived at 4:40pm.
  3. Opening
    -Approval of January 23, 2019 Meeting Minutes
    Goddeeris moved.
    Zaagman seconded.
    All in favor.
    Motion carried.

    -Approval of Current Meeting Agenda
    Zaagman moved.
    Dodgson seconded.
    All in favor.
    Motion carried.

  4. Communications
    -Audience:  none
    -Written correspondence:  none
  5. Reports
    City Council Liaison Report:  Altmann reported:
    -Five year forecast shared
    -Income tax revenue still in question
    -Electric scooters ordinances
    -Expanding contract with Video Professionals in include discussion only meetings of City Council
    Friends of the East Lansing Public Library Report:  Taylor reported:
    -The Friends have brought in over $5,000 each month for the last few months.  They have seen an increase in their income over the past several months; includes book sales, art, Etsy and Ebay.
  6. Old Business
    Staffing updates:
    -Executive Assistant hired; starts March 4
    -Robert Chartrand leaving - last day March 1 - possible internal candidate
    -Three candidates interviewed for Youth Services Librarian - reposting
    -Adult Services Librarian hired; starts on April 1
    -STEAM Instructor started at the end of January
  7. New Business
    Updated self check out machines
    -Two installed
    -Can pay fines at the self check out machines
  8. Library Reports
    Financial Report
    -Shelley reported that the FY2020 budget has been submitted
    -Use of fund balance for Capital Outlay projects
    Director's Report:
    -Black History 101 Mobile Museum had 520 attendees
    -Two-year anniversary for Social Justice Reading Group
    -Library open as a warming center on January 30 and 31 (Polar Vortex 2019) as City offices were closed
    -Shelley attended the American Library Association MidWinter conference in Seattle from January 24-30.
    President's Report
  9. Announcements
  10. Adjournment
    Goddeeris moved.
    Zaagman seconded.
    All in favor.
    Motion carried.

Cervenak adjourned the meeting at 5:29pm.