Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes – 9/20/23

September 20, 2023 at 4:30 p.m.
East Lansing Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting
Library Large Meeting Room
950 Abbot Road

The East Lansing Public Library occupies the ancestral, traditional and contemporary lands of the Anishinaabeg Three Fires confederacy of Ojibwe, Odawa and Potawatomi peoples land ceded in the 1819 Treaty of Saginaw.

1. Call to Order 4:31 p.m.

2. Roll Call
Trustees present were: Amy Zaagman, Pamela Smith, Ameenah Asante, Shawn Nicholson and Polly Synk. Also, in attendance were Councilmember Liaison George Brookover, Friends President Liesel Carlson, Interim Library Director Angelo Moreno, and Executive Assistant to the Director Shori Teeple. Eight guests from public were present.

3. Opening
3.1 Approval of Current Meeting Agenda as amended
Item added by Zaagman under New Business 9.4 Friends of ELPL Memo of Understanding to be renewed -- Action
Asante moved
Synk seconded
All in favor

3.2 Approval of July 25, 2023 Closed Session Special Meeting Minutes
Synk moved
Smith seconded
All in favor

3.3 Approval of August 16, 2023 Meeting Minutes
Synk moved
Asante seconded
All in favor

4. Communications
4.1 Correspondence dated 9/20/23 received from library non-supervisory unit regarding strategic plan.

5. Audience
5.1 Public Comment - limited to five minutes per person

  • None

6. Reports
6.1 City Council Liaison Report
Brookover reported:

  • Council approved 2-year contract for new City Manager.
  • Proposal to rezone Grove Street houses for multifamily housing was voted down by Council.

6.2 Friends of the East Lansing Public Library Report
Carlson Reported:

  • Friends September meeting scheduled for Monday September 25 at 5pm with continued focus on support of library.
  • Thank you letter and card from Moreno shared with volunteers for recent Friends donation - much appreciated by volunteers.
  • Looking to increase visibility of FriendShop and ability to upcycle used books from community. All funds go to the library.

7. Committee Reports
7.1 Subcommittee report - Policies -- Action
New Code of Conduct - September 2023
New Code of Conduct Enforcement Guidelines - September 2023
New Code of Conduct Penalties and Appeals - September 2023
New Safe Child Policy - September 2023

  • Brief discussion regarding language in Code of Conduct.
  • Nicholson acknowledged fellow trustees for their thoughtful and thorough review for updates to policies along with input from staff.
  • Motion to approve all policies as presented.

Smith moved
Nicholson seconded
All in favor

8. Old Business
8.1 Permanent Director Search -- Action

  • Trustees and staff have reached out to recruit members for committee.
  • Nominations for permanent Director Search Committee members:
    • Committee Members (2):
      • Melissa DeRosia, nominated by Trustee Nicholson
      • Tedda Hughes, nominated by Trustee Asante
    • ELPL Staff (3):
      • Scott Drapalik, Head of Technology Services
      • Melanie Smith, Customer Service Assistant
      • Conner Williams, Circulation Supervisor
    • ELPL Board of Trustees (2):
      • Pam Smith, Vice President
      • Amy Zaagman, President
    • Friends of ELPL (1):
      • Diana Marable, FriendsShop Manager/Friends Board
    • East Lansing Public Schools (1):
      • Glenn Mitcham, Assistant Superintendent
    • City of East Lansing (1):
      • Noel Garcia Jr., City Council Member
    • Teen (1): (declined opportunity)
  • Alternative options for teen input will be pursued for informing committee.
  • Timeline has been determined and two meetings have been scheduled with goal of outlining job description, salary and benefits for board review and approval at October 11 meeting.
  • Motion to form Permanent Director Search Committee including aforementioned members:

Asante moved
Synk seconded
All in favor

8.2 Strategic Plan

  •  Multi-phase approach discussed for beginning strategic plan process:
    • Begin with staff/community/stakeholder group surveys and input.
    • Research and initiate Request for Proposals process.
    • Conduct community focus groups once permanent director is onboarded. New director can engage with community members.
    • Complete process with written report and final strategic plan with new director/staff/community involvement.

8.3 Staff Input at Board Meetings -- potential Action

  •  Idea shared for written Director's Report to include new staff spotlight section.

8.4 Staff Photo List

  • Updated staff photo list shared.

9. New Business
9.1 Guest: Kate Pohjola Andrade (Woodlands Library Cooperative)

  • Overviews shared of board member and library director responsibilities.
  • Strategic planning process, goals and objectives reviewed.
  • Questions asked/answered about current strategic planning/new director search needs of library.

9.2 Interim Director - Evaluation

  • Evaluation options discussed - tabled.

9.3 MSU Homecoming parade - Friday September 22 closing at 2pm

  • Resolution 07-22 passed in perpetuity to close library at 2pm on Friday of MSU Homecoming Parade

9.4 Friends of ELPL Memo of Understanding (MOU) to be renewed -- Action

  • Motion for Moreno to make formal communication with Friends that board is in support of MOU as is.

Zaagman moved
Synk seconded
All in favor

10. Library Reports
10.1 Financial Report
Moreno Reported:

  • Printed financial report shared.

10.2 Director's Report

  • Written report shared.

10.3 President's Report

  • None

11. Adjournment
Zaagman adjourned the meeting at 6:33 p.m.

Board of Trustees
Amy Zaagman, President
Pamela Smith, Vice President
Ameenah Asante, Secretary
Shawn Nicholson
Polly Synk

City Council Liaison
George Brookover

Staff Liaison
Angelo Moreno, Interim Library Director