Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes – 9/1/2021

September 1, 2021 at 4:30 p.m.
East Lansing Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting
Library Large Meeting Room
950 Abbot Road

1) Call to Order 4:35 p.m.

2) Roll Call

Trustees present were: Diane Goddeeris, Polly Synk, Amy Zaagman, and Lance Wilkinson. Trustee Paul Cervenak was absent. Also, in attendance were City Council Liaison Mayor Jessy Gregg, Friends Representative Leisel Carlson, Director Kristin Shelley, and Executive Assistant to the Director Shori Teeple.

3) Opening
A) Approval of July 21, 2021 Special Meeting Minutes #1
Wilkinson moved.
Synk seconded.
All in favor.

B) Approval of July 21, 2021 Special Meeting Minutes #2
Synk moved.
Wilkinson seconded.
All in favor.

C) Approval of Current Meeting Agenda as amended
Zaagman moved.
Synk seconded.
All in favor.

4) Communications
A) Audience/Public Comment

  • Eli reporter was present.

5) Reports
A) City Council Liaison Report:
Gregg reported:

  • MSUFCU development is proceeding with additional fencing and construction.
  • MSU students are back on campus; many new businesses opening downtown.
  • 35 applicants are being interviewed for the Police Oversight Committee.
  • An interim councilmember has been appointed.

B) Friends of the East Lansing Public Library Report
Carlson Reported:

  • Tailgate sales were very popular – may have more in the future.
  • Cart sales have raised almost $800, $3,000 donated from summer newsletter, t-shirt sales continue and $33,000 is presently in Friends account.
  • Tuesdays beginning after Labor Day used book donations will be received.

6) Old Business
A) Reopening Plan Phases  

  • Staff will be meeting with schools regarding their after-school programming.
  • Resolution 05-22 Library to move into Phase 6 and Library Director to determine if need to return to earlier phases based on numbers.

Goddeeris moved.
Zaagman seconded.
All in favor.       

B) Facilities Update

  • Site work is proceeding; tree roots have caused more problems than expected.
  • Circle drive will be closed throughout the project.
  • Mold and asbestos remediation need to occur before HVAC work.
  • Mold specialist from FACS tested various areas of the building.
  • Additional site costs and air handling units will be funded through the project contingency costs and the use of fund balance.

7) New Business:
A) Update – Progress on working relationship between Friends and Library

  • Shelley contacted the law librarian at the Library of Michigan for examples of contracts between libraries and Friends of the Library groups.
  • Synk proposed a memorandum of understanding instead of a contract between the two entities.
  • Synk and Goddeeris offered to represent the library board. A meeting will be planned for mid-October to late October.

8) Library Reports
A) Financial Report
Shelley Reported:

  • Printed financial and fund balance reports were shared.

B) Director's Report

  • A written report was shared.

C) President's Report

9)  Announcements

A) None

10) Enter into Executive Session to Discuss Labor Negotiations

Synk moved.
Zaagman seconded.
All in favor.  

Executive Session adjourned at 6:19 p.m.
Wilkinson moved.
Zaagman seconded.
All in favor.

11) Other Business

A) September 15 board meeting changed to September 22, 2021

Zaagman moved.
Goddeeris seconded.
All in favor.

12) Adjournment

Goddeeris adjourned the meeting at 6:30 p.m.

Board of Trustees
Diane Goddeeris, President
Polly Synk, Vice President
Paul Cervenak, Secretary
Amy Zaagman
Lance Wilkinson

City Council Liasion
Jessy Gregg

Staff Liaison
Kristin Shelley