Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes – 6/15/22

June 15, 2022 at 4:30 p.m.
East Lansing Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting
Library Large Meeting Room
950 Abbot Road

1. Call to Order 4:31p.m.

2. Roll Call

Trustees present were: Diane Goddeeris, Polly Synk, Amy Zaagman, Lance Wilkinson and Pamela Smith. Also, in attendance were Friends President Maureen McCabe-Power, Director Kristin Shelley, Assistant Director/Head of Customer Experiences Brice Bush, and Executive Assistant to the Director Shori Teeple. City Council Liaison George Brookover was absent. There were eight attendees from the public.

3. Opening
3.1 Approval of Current Meeting Agenda
Goddeeris moved
Zaagman seconded
All in favor

3.2 Approval of May 19, 2022 Meeting Minutes
Wilkinson moved
Zaagman seconded
All in favor

4. Communications
4.1 None

5. Audience
5.1 Public Comment - limited to two minutes per person

  • None

6. Reports
6.1 City Council Liaison Report:

  • No report.

6.2 Friends of the East Lansing Public Library Report
McCabe-Power Reported:

  • Friends will host a Volunteer Tea in the library on Wednesday June 22 at 2:00pm. All trustees and staff are invited to attend.
  • May Friendshop sales slightly lower. $1,700

7. Old Business
7.1 None

8. New Business
8.1 Resolution 16-22 to accept Supervisory Unit Labor Contract - Action
Synk moved
Smith seconded
All in favor

8.2 Nomination of Officers for FY2023 - Action
Polly Synk, President
Amy Zaagman, Vice President
Pamela Smith, Secretary
Synk moved
Goddeeris seconded
All in favor

8.3 FY2023 Action Plan - Discussion

  • Continue staff safety trainings.
  • ARPA federal funds for meeting room sound system.
  • Remote library access options.
  • Site work will continue, including north sidewalks and installation of Children's Garden.
  • Increase the digital collection and expand materials.

8.4 Resolution for Lance Wilkinson - Action
Trustee Wilkinson was presented with a resolution to acknowledge his dedicated 10 years of service on the library board.
Zaagman moved
Synk seconded
All in favor

9. Library Reports
9.1 Financial Report
Shelley Reported:

  • Printed financial and fund balance reports were shared.

9.2 Director's Report

  • A written report was shared.
  • Shelley will be on vacation from June 23 - July 5.

9.3 President's Report

  • Shelley's contract needs to be reevaluated. Goddeeris and Synk will review current contract and bring a revised contract forward for review.
  • Trustee Wilkinson was thanked again for his 10 years of service on the board.
  • Trustee Goddeeris and Bush will attend the Council of Neighborhood Presidents on 6/27/22.

10. Adjournment

Goddeeris adjourned the meeting at 5:30 p.m.

Board of Trustees
Diane Goddeeris, President
Polly Synk, Vice President
Amy Zaagman, Secretary
Lance Wilkinson
Pamela Smith

City Council Liaisons
Lisa Babcock
George Brookover

Staff Liaison
Kristin Shelley