Library Board of Trustees Agenda #2 – July 17, 201


July 17, 2019 at 4:30pm
East Lansing Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting
Library 3/4 Meeting Rooms
950 Abbot Rd.

1) Call to Order


2) Roll Call

Paul not present

3) Opening

A) Approval of June 19, 2019 meeting minutes
Moved Lance
Seconded Zaagman
All in favor
Motion carried

B) Approval of Current Meeting Agenda
Moved Synk
Seconded Zaagman
All in favor
Motion carried

4) Communications

A) Audience - None
B) Written Correspondence
Note from Carole to the Board.  2 different online users who sent in compliments about the free box, great play area and programs.

5) Reports

A) City Council Liaison Report

Free parking during the summer.  Talking about doing that again next summer once they have the data on how successful it was.  Gated lots and parking structures.
Update on income tax last night and collections were 4.6 million so far through the end of May 2019.  Means that we are on track to collect the budgeted 9 million.
MSU progressive Bogue protected bike traffic (Look at synopsis).  Looking at doing something similar in the City.

B) Friends of the East Lansing Public Library Report

Recent Contributions

$15,000 for programming
1,890 for Constant Contact (they will have access to email blasts)
$500 to renew BookPage
$3,500 for OBOC
Hired an accountant
Appreciate applicants for the board and treasurer
$15,000 for Hoopla contribution
Homeless people – donation of books
$4,700 for tables (verify amount)
June revenues $3,097.00

6) Old Business

A) Fiscal Year 2020 Action Plan
Highlighted:  Contract C2ae full facility and outdoor study

Diane attended and reported the two things that were focusing on were recycling and the courts.  Joint Board Commission and City meeting.  Kudos to Kristin for what we have been doing at the library.

7) New Business:

A) Year end update to the Fiscal Year 2019 Action Plan

Highlighted: Upgraded website for accessibility
Some discussion took place regarding 15-20 percent that has not circulated each year.  This is comparable to other libraries due to digital.  When we withdraw items, we give them to the Friends to sell. Money is used then toward digital collections.
Would like a Glow Forge demonstration when it is received.
Also asked for circulation numbers of our tools. If there are tools that Board members would like to see in the collection, let Kristin know.

B) Director evaluation and contract

Contract will be sent to Paul.  He may request that it be sent to the remainder of the board and the evaluation

8) Library Reports

A) BEA Conference Report
Kristin highlighted Amber's report
B) American Library Association's Annual Conference Report
Brice attended.  Washington, D.C.  Highlights are included in her report.
Use information from the report.

C) Financial Report

Does not reflect year end.  Still invoices that will be expensed out of here.  With the changing of staff some items have been attributed.  Work with Finance that we need to be rectified.  Attributed to the Friends and should not have been attributed to the Friends.  Revenue coming in working toward getting the book mobile.  The restricted account should be in books bites and bids.  Glow Forge and Children’s garden. We won't get a year end until August. 

D) Director's Report

Dance party, WKAR gave out books, Fire and Rice, DJ Rod Carpenter.  Fresh Thyme Storytime 38 people attended.  Lansing Pride Festival only library represented.  Beth and Brice participated.  Family aquatic center is here, and the free little library will be installed.  Tables at the Jazz fest. Diane suggested that in alignment with our action plan that we offer Legislators open office hours in the meeting room one night each week.  Summer Reading program 794 children signed up, junior reading program is 133, teens 226 and adults 394.

E) President's Report

9) Announcements

Kristin announced that Tim Dempsey is leaving and is going to PSC.  Dale our steam educator is leaving.  Groovy donuts donation $504.00. Touch a truck and national night out is August 6, 2019. East Lansing Welcome the World potential dates:  9/6 or 9/20. Waiting for MSU for confirmation of the date.

10) Adjournment

Moved Diane
Seconded Synk
All in favor
Motion carried

Adjourned at 5:27 PM


Next meeting:       
Closed session re contract and evaluation
Narcan law