HotSpot Portable WiFi Units

A HotSpot portable WiFi device allows you to carry a portable internet source with you wherever you go.  It can provide wireless internet access for up to 10 devices at a time.  It does not need to be plugged into a data port and you do not need a wireless or internet subscription to use it.  Just your library card!

Checking out a HotSpot

HotSpots can only be checked out by patrons 18 years and older.  Display boxes for the HotSpots will be placed on library shelves.  Simply pick up a display box and take it to the front desk to check out a HotSpot.  A library staff member will retrieve a HotSpot, explain how it works, and ask you to sign a user agreement, acknowledging your responsibility to return or replace the contents of the HotSpot kit, and your willingness to abide by the library's HotSpot policy.  If no HotSpots are currently available for checkout, holds can be placed on the devices by anyone 18 and older, with a library card in good standing.

HotSpots will check out for 14 days.  One, 14-day renewal is allowed if there are no holds on the HotSpot.  If you have placed a hold on a HotSpot, you will receive a notice when it is ready for pickup.  Please do not return HotSpots to a book return.  Please return them to a library staff member at a public service desk so as not to damage the device and its accessories.

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