Facility and Site Improvements

Facility and Site Improvements Underway!

Construction Update - September 12, 2022

Phase 1 of the continuing construction projects culminated in July. The railing is in place at the new stairs outside the meeting room emergency exit and film has been installed on the curtain wall of the seating area windows.

The landscaping work performed outside the library building wonderfully compliments the outdoor seating that has once again returned to the front entranceway.  As Fall approaches, landscaping will continue in the Spring as work commences on the Children's Garden.

Construction Update - May 20, 2022:

Thank you to all who braved the fluctuating temperatures inside the library while the HVAC system and window replacement projects were underway. The HVAC and cement work at the south entrance have now been completed.

Beginning in early June, work will commence on the stairs by the meeting room emergency exit as well as film for the windows. The remaining windows by the fireplace are expected to be replaced this August.

Construction Update - March 18, 2022:

Thank you for your patience as the replacement of the HVAC system continues. We are waiting for electric equipment to arrive. The electric equipment is caught up in the supply chain issues and is now expected in mid-April.

Beginning the week of March 21, windows will be replaced around the building. Replacing the windows will eliminate water issues throughout the building and make the building more energy efficient. The window replacement will mean construction noise at various times and the meeting room might be unavailable a few mornings.


Construction Update - December 6, 2021:

Railings are scheduled to be installed on Thursday, December 9, for the new stairs that lead to the front entrance and the south ramp.


Construction Update - October 20, 2021:

Thank you to all of our patrons for sticking with the library through our construction. Your support and patience are greatly appreciated.

The supply chain delays have caught up to our site upgrades and the HVAC replacement at the library. The work is progressing slower than we hoped, but it is moving forward. Pipe and duct work is continuing as we await the air handling units and other parts.

The library will close on October 26, 2021 all day and on October 27 until 3:00pm to ready areas of the building for the installation of the new boilers and air handling units.

As the weather continues to change, there will be fluctuations in the temperature throughout the building until the entire HVAC system is completed. We ask visitors to the library to layer up so they can be comfortable while in the library.

We hope the site work will get back on track soon with the drier weather. Unfortunately, the weather and some changes to the plan delayed the cement work.

Please continue to be patient as we work to get the necessary building upgrades complete. While we are closed on October 26 and part of October 27, please visit the library at elpl.org to checkout our digital books, audiobooks and our streaming services.

--Posted 10/20/2021


The East Lansing Public Library (ELPL) will be undergoing significant and long overdue facility and site improvements beginning in mid-August through November 2021.

Gordon Construction Services has been contracted to perform the improvements. The work includes replacing and regrading a portion of the front sidewalks from the south ramp to just past the main entrance, including the front steps. The three honey locust trees in front of the library will be removed and replaced with trees that are indigenous to Michigan and that will not impede on the building as the honey locust have over the years. This is phase one of a two phase project which includes the sidewalk and eventually the installation of an interactive children’s garden.

In addition to phase one of the sidewalk replacement, the south side book drop drive and parking will be resurfaced and the curve will be straightened. This will include the removal of one tree. From the site work we move inside where there will be a complete replacement of the HVAC system and some of the electrical panels. The air handling units date back to 1963 and some units are not functioning at capacity, which means there are moisture issues that are causing mold issues in some places. The electrical panels date back to 1962 and 1975.

All of these updates will cause disruption to our patrons and staff in that the main entrance will be relocated to the north end door when the sidewalk work is being done; the book drop drive will be closed to drive-thru traffic; and the interior work will disrupt some public spaces. The library will remain open during the site and facility updates. The East Lansing Public Library fund balance will be used to do the much needed improvements. Over the past 10 years the ELPL has been saving money for facility projects. Please stay tuned for additional information as the start date for the site and facility work approaches.

--Posted 7/19/2021

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