Why Can’t I Watch Bridgerton on DVD?

A still shot of the cast of Bridgerton, the popular Netflix seriesIf library staff had a nickel for each time we are asked that question, well, let's just say that we'd need a forklift to take our nickels to the bank.

It Netflix ever decides to release the popular series on DVD the library will certainly buy multiple copies.  However, even before the COVID-19 pandemic, many streaming platforms released their series and movies to DVD late or not at all.  Because pandemic boredom and lockdowns increased subscriptions to Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max and other streaming services, we expect that the delay to DVD release will only increase and many, if not all, of the streaming platforms may stop releasing their content to DVD entirely.

It is still the library's practice to buy titles before they are released.  So if you can't find the next series you want to binge in our catalog, most likely, it isn't for sale on DVD or Blu-Ray.