When is MeLCat Coming Back?

Michigan Electronic Library logo9/4/2020 Update - Get ready East Lansing, MeLCat requesting will be back on September 8th.  We know that you have missed MeLCat and we are happy to welcome this service back.    

Even though MeLCat will be back it will not be up to pre COVID levels of service.  Many libraries are still closed, most that are open are operating at 25% capacity or less, and we don't know what the fall will bring.  Also, as items are delivered to us they will need to be quarantined for at least a week - the current recommendations from the REALM Project which has been testing how long live virus is detectable on library materials., opens a new window

So, in short, MeLCat requesting will be back on the 8th but won't be the same as before the pandemic.

8/24/2020 Update - Unfortunately our delivery issues have still not been resolved so our beloved MeLCat is not yet available to ELPL patrons.  We are working closely with MeLCat staff to try and get the issues resolved so that we can join the next go live date, September 8th.  When we know more we will post updates to this page.  

We know all our patrons are anxious to request materials through MeLCat once again.  As you can imagine, re-starting a statewide delivery system that was abruptly shut down in March is a complex process and our kudos go out to the folks at MeLCat for all their hard work.  It looks like East Lansing patrons will be able to begin MeLCat requesting on August 24.  As with all dates and timelines during a pandemic please remember that this date may change.  If that happens we will update this blog post to keep everyone updated.