Patron Perspectives: ELPL Staff

In our Patron Perspectives series, we’re sharing stories from some of the people in our library community. This week, we’re sharing a few staff perspectives! 

Angelo is our Adult Services Librarian. He’s been working in libraries for ten years, and has worked in two different countries. He started as a page and his library career has continued to grow. Now he’s at ELPL, where he’s especially passionate about outreach; when he’s not at the library, you can often find him traveling around East Lansing in the Library on the Go. 

Eric (Dr. B) is our STEAM Education Specialist. As STEAM Educator, he shares his innate curiosity and passion for science with the community through a variety of programs and also helps patrons utilize the Maker Studio and its resources to bring their creativity to life. Dr. B has a weekly science feature on our social media where he shares interesting and accessible experiments; you can find him by searching for #SidewalkSTEM.

Gabby is our Marketing and Communications Specialist. She manages the library’s social media, public relations, and graphic design, and has been leading the Patron Perspectives project. Outside of work, she is a nature enthusiast and a friend to animals (she lives with a greyhound, a little black and white cat, and two snakes). She spends her time writing, reading, and creating art and music.

Gillian is our Youth Services Librarian. She will talk about comics, picture books, crafts, movies, and games with anyone who listens. She’s originally from Texas and still thinks real snow is pretty cool and best viewed cozy inside with a mug of hot cocoa. Gillian believes there’s always something new to learn, and libraries are a good place to start.

Phyllis is our Community Development Specialist and Volunteer Coordinator. Phyllis started at ELPL 20 years ago at the circulation desk, and has also worked in the children’s department, before taking on her current role. Before ELPL, she was a teacher for 24 years at Abbott Nursery School. She has two children, one grandchild, and a wonderful husband, all of whom she loves to spend time with outside of work. 

You can watch the full staff perspectives video below:

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