Join the 100 Book Challenge!

Join the 100 book challenge! Starting in March 2023, we are encouraging everyone to read 100 books in honor of our 100th birthday. Pick up a tracking sheet from the service desk and check off a box every time you read a book. When you finish the sheet, bring it back to earn a prize!

Who can participate?

Everyone! People of every age - kids, teens, and adults - are all welcome to participate!

How long do I have to read 100 books?

There is no time limit for your reading, so read at your own pace. Whether it takes you a year, 5 years, or something in between, we're excited that you're reading and want to celebrate that with you! Just make sure to keep track of your tracking sheet!

What counts as reading a book?

There are lots of different ways to read and enjoy a book! Whether you prefer paper books, eBooks, or audiobooks, they all count! Are you reading aloud to someone else? That counts! Is someone reading to you? That counts!

We're also not too picky about the format and genre of your book. If you really love poetry, or if you read every comic book you can get your hands on, those count too! If, for some reason, you decided to read the dictionary front to back, that counts too. Reading a book doesn't have to just be defined as "reading a paper novel." Again, we're just excited that you're reading.

Can my reading double count for other things?

Yes! The Summer Reading Program kicks off on June 5, 2023 this year, and any books you read for the 100 Book Challenge can also count towards your reading hours! Children and their parents embarking on the "1000 Books Before Kindergarten" program can also count the books they read for that! 

Will there be a prize for completion?

Oh yeah! Kids and adults alike can look forward to prizes at the end! Plus, you get the bragging rights of saying you've read 100 books, which is pretty cool in our opinion.

Can I really read 100 books? That's a lot of books.

It sure is, but we believe in you! Good luck, stay persistent, and happy reading!!