Connect to Job Help Resources Through the Library

                Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a serious negative impact on employment in our country and our local area.  Did you know that there are resources available to assist you with job searches and career development and you can access them through your library? The Michigan eLibrary ( offers a great resource called the Job & Career Accelerator and you can access it from that underlined hyperlink.  This resource has great tools for creating a resume, cover letter, and follow up letters and thank you letters.  There are tutorials on how to interview with confidence and what to do after the interview.  There are even lessons on getting started for popular career paths such as teaching, nursing and healthcare, caseworking, or the culinary arts. 

                No job help resource would be complete without a job search tool.  The Job & Career Accelerator has listings for jobs nationwide.  There is even have an internship search engine for people in college.  If you are not sure what type of employment you are interested in pursuing they have a tool to find a career match through skills and interest matchers.

                Career test preparation is also available through the LearningExpress Library.  Here, under the Career Preparation heading, you can find prep books and practice exams for a variety of fields.  Some examples are Allied Health and Social Worker Exams, Civil Service Exams, Nursing Exams, Law Enforcement Exams, EMS and Firefighting Exams, and there are many others.

                Job searching is stressful, use the resources available through your library to assist you and make it easier!