Are you ready for Ready Player One?

Comic-Con, opens a new window just wrapped up and fan girls and boys around the world are still processing all the new goodies that debuted at the con.  Chief among the sneak peeks was the official trailer for Ready Player One, opens a new window, the movie adaptation of Ernest Cline's 2011 novel/love letter to 80's pop culture.

If you loved Ready Player One the trailer does not disappoint.  If you also love the band Rush then you will be VERY pleased with the trailer.  Below the clip of the trailer you'll find a list of titles that are just perfect for wanna be residents of the OASIS.

If you haven't yet read Ready Player One you still have time to read the novel before the movie hits theaters.  The Steven Spielberg directed movie is set for release in 2018.

  Welcome to the OASIS: A list for Ready Player One fans

List created by laurendouglass

Books, movies and music to tide you over until the film adaptation of Ready Player One hits theaters in 2018.

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