November is Picture Book Month

I might be a little biased, since November is my birth month and middle name, but here's another point for November being the greatest month of the year: it's also Picture Book Month!  As a children's librarian I'm lucky and get to read picture books just about every day, new favorites and old classics alike. […]

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Rosie Revere, Engineer

As a children’s librarian, it’s probably no surprise to my friends and family that I like to give picture books as presents when babies are born. I always tried to pick a few of my best loved classics as well as some modern favorites, and recently a pattern among the modern titles has begun to emerge […]

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Bread and Jam for Frances

Russel Hoban's Frances series is a staple of my childhood, and this book just might be my favorite of them all. The title character, Frances, is a lovable but imperfect badger who’s sometimes a little too stubborn and headstrong for her own good (hmm, I wonder why I related to her as a child…). In […]

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Literacy Through Lip-Reading

There’s a whole host of reasons to read, sing, and talk with your babies every day, from sharing a special bonding moment together to helping build their literacy skills, and now a new study about the speech development of infants confirms it: your babies learn to talk by listening to (and watching) you! It’s not […]

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Print Exposure Builds Literacy

Print exposure – the act of making written words visible to young children – is a key component in developing children’s reading skills, and a new study confirms that it is an integral part of developing pre-reader's sense of how meaning is attached to words. In a study conducted at Washington University in St. Louis, […]

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Ida, Always

In Ida, Always by Caron Levis and Charles Santoso, we meet Gus and Ida, two polar bears who live together at a zoo in New York City (based loosely on the real life polar bear residents of the Brooklyn Zoo) and spend all their time together. But when Ida suddenly falls terminally ill, they both have to confront […]

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Storytime Kits Are Here!

ELPL is excited to announce the debut of our newest section of the children’s collection: storytime kits! Storytime kits are just what they sound like – collections of books, music, and activities with a central theme that let you have your own mini storytime at home. With kit themes like animals, colors, ABCs, and more, […]

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Michigan Reads!

This year, the Library of Michigan's Michigan Reads! program has a new start month! This program, similar to One Book One Community, will now take place in March to coincide with March Is Reading Month. So what does Michigan Reads! involve? One outstanding picture book is selected for children, families, educators, and everyone else across Michigan to […]

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