Library Board of Trustees: Upcoming Vacancy

The East Lansing Public Library (ELPL) is seeking applicants to fill an upcoming vacancy on the Library Board of Trustees.
The new trustee will be appointed to a five-year term extending from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2023. Applicants will be interviewed by the ELPL board members and the City Council Liaison. ELPL is a department of the City of East Lansing, therefore East Lansing City Council makes the final appointment with a recommendation from the Library Board of Trustees. Applications can be downloaded at Please submit a completed application and any other pertinent documents to Emily Gordon at by April 3, 2018.

The Library Board of Trustees recommendation will be based on the following criteria:
• Nominees should have recognition of the Library's importance as a center of information, of community culture, recreation and continuing education.
• Nominees should have an interest in the work of ELPL, a commitment to its goals, the ability to work as a team member, and a willingness to ask questions, offer criticism and make suggestions. They should also have the courage to plan creatively, and to withstand pressures, prejudices and provincialism.
• The Board should include members with: professional experience in law, fundraising, education, nonprofit organizations, human resources; practical business experience, executive ability, management skills, building construction, technology, public relations, marketing and customer service.
• Consideration will be given to applicants who are active in the community and who understand the City’s economic issues, due to the unique requirements of ELPL for funding and support,
• A readiness to devote time and effort to carrying out the duties of trusteeship is necessary. Due to the major challenges that ELPL will face in the next few years, serving as a board member involves a significant time commitment. This is a "working board," requiring every member to lend his/her time and talents, energy and enthusiasm. Attendance will be required at special meetings as well as regular meetings, long-range planning workshops, and more.
• A commitment to intellectual freedom is essential.
• Participation in the East Lansing emerging leaders program is preferred.

The Library Board of Trustees constitutes the official body responsible for the operation of the Library to include:
• Planning for the Library by developing long- and short-range plans.
• Policymaking by formally adopting by resolution appropriate written policies for library operations; considering policies needed to advance the library’s plan; annually reviewing and revising policies.
• Budget oversight and officially approving the budget request.
• Advocating to insure adequate funding for Library operations with local, state and federal officials.
• Evaluating the library director.
• Approving final building plans and construction contracts.
• Requesting donations (large and small) in support of the library.
• Accepting large in-kind donations or donations with specific restrictive conditions.
• Developing a levy committee and organizing/running a levy campaign.
• Public relations links between the Library and the community.

Trustee Time Commitment:
• Regular meetings: Monthly - typically scheduled for the third Wednesday of the month at 4:30pm. The Board sets the annual meeting schedule every January.
• Special meetings: As needed, for a publicized purpose - these are not frequent.

Other Trustee information:
The legal authority of the Library Board of Trustees is established by the Charter of the City of East Lansing.