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The Poppy War

Absolutely wonderful. The world building was great. The characters were interesting. The pacing was on point. The book is written in three… More
recommended by RobertELPL

Spunky Little Monkey

A fun and active read-aloud that will get everyone moving! A big hit both in storytimes and one-on-one with kiddos.
recommended by EvaELPL

Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds

This movie was so much fun. It had action, humor, emotion and amazing acting. It was like watching a live-action anime, but not as…
recommended by RobertELPL

All Systems Red

Science fiction novella that focuses on a security robot (Murderbot) that has hacked its own programming to achieve independence. Murderbot… More
recommended by RobertELPL

Be Kind

A beautiful, sweet, and simple book that shows the effects our kindnesses can have on others.
recommended by EvaELPL

Jabari Jumps

Jabari knows he's a great jumper, but when he sets his sights on the high dive, he gets a little nervous. Fortunately, with some love from… More
recommended by EvaELPL


It you loved Treat, by Mary Sullivan: Dude! is just for you. Dude? Dude.
recommended by laurendouglass


A very cute picture book about a robot named Blip and her adventures away from her screen. I loved this book, as did my eight year old,…
recommended by laurendouglass

Pig the Star

Once again, Pig just doesn't know when to quit or how to share. Another great entry in this series and especially helpful for…
recommended by laurendouglass

Einstein's Dreams

One of my favorites. A unique way to think about different models for space/time by using short stories based in that world.
recommended by laurendouglass

What to Do When You Worry Too Much

Great book for kids and tweens dealing with anxiety in all forms.
recommended by laurendouglass

Mommy's Khimar

I adored this sweet, colorful picture book that looks at a young Muslim girl and her family. When she puts on her mommy's khimar (in her…
recommended by EvaELPL

Kate, Who Tamed the Wind

Perfect for Earth Day and Arbor Day, this is a sweet and gentle story of kindness and the importance of care-taking -- both of our planet…
recommended by EvaELPL


This lyrical, stylish love song to black boys and their hair is perfect from start to finish.
recommended by EvaELPL

All Those Explosions Were Someone…

Great Supehero Urban Fantasy title with tons of action and a unique take on light v. dark. It is very tongue-in-cheek and pokes a lot of… More
recommended by RobertELPL

The Wizard and the Prophet

This is another excellent book by the author of 1491. If you care about the environment, or even why we think of "the environment", you... More
recommended by jeanlh
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