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I really enjoyed this version of the Circe myth, in particular its emphasis on divinity in contrast to mortality. The "immortality is… More
recommended by EvaELPL

Otto the Book Bear

A book and a bear make a great way to celebrate Reading Month.
recommended by CircMary

My Hero Academia

The battle between All Might and All for One ends and the world will never be the same. The students feel the aftermath when U.A. makes…
recommended by RobertELPL

The Journey

This book is a timely, effective, and emotional look at one refugee family's experience as they flee war and look for a new home. The…
recommended by EvaELPL

The Dragon Lords

"Ocean's Eleven" if "Ocean's Eleven" had dragons and a ton more violence. Fun read that has me looking forward to the next in the series. More
recommended by RobertELPL

The Odyssey

by Homer
I love everything about this translation, and Wilson's introduction and author's note to the text are some of the most fascinating and…
recommended by EvaELPL

All American Boys

"All American Boys" is a timely, important, and evocative look at racism and police brutality, and how individual lives and whole… More
recommended by EvaELPL

Spider-Man: Homecoming

This isn't just a good comic book movie or a good superhero movie - it's a good movie, period. High schooler Peter Parker is trying to…
recommended by KevinELPL

Valerian and the City of A Thousand…

For SciFi fans and folks who love the source material this is pretty good. If you can get through the first awkward encounter with the two… More
recommended by laurengail

Silicon Valley - Season 04

It seems like every dumb move by the main character would be a jump-the-shark moment in the series where you can't watch someone be so…
recommended by biblioanna

Wolf in the Snow

It's not every wordless picture book that's gorgeously crafted enough to get me a little weepy, but this story of a lost girl and a wolf…
recommended by EvaELPL

One Word From Sophia

I love just about everything about this book! The clever protagonist, the engaging use of vocabulary, the humor for both kiddos and adults,… More
recommended by EvaELPL

Dear Fahrenheit 451

Are books some of the characters in your own life? Then you will relate to this book that is written as letters to some of the titles in…
recommended by CircMary

The Awkward Thoughts of W. Kamau Bell

This was a great combination of memoir and comedic musings. Both insightful and funny, Bell does a great job of touching on a lot of…
recommended by RobertELPL


This book started my new year of reading off with a bang. The parallel stories of the two families was engaging throughout. It left me…
recommended by CircMary

My Hero Academia

A huge showdown is fast approaching as All For One finally shows himself. For fans of Naruto, this volume may seem rather familiar,…
recommended by RobertELPL
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