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Staff Pick

Shark Dog!

The perfect picture book for anyone who has ever loved, or wanted to love, an exotic pet.
recommended by laurengail

This Is A Ball

The blurb on the title reads "Books that drive kids crazy!" Yep, it does! And parents too.
recommended by laurengail

Goldfish Ghost

Goldfish Ghost has been alone his whole life so he goes out searching for friends. Intricate illustrations, heartwarming text and a comfort… More
recommended by laurengail

All Ears, All Eyes

A peaceful and haunting picture book perfect for little ones that love spoken word, rhyming and rap. The illustrations seem more like a win… More
recommended by laurengail

If You Ever Want to Bring A Circus to th…

While ELPL is quite different from the library in this book - we do allow food and drink and we don't believe in shushing - our libraries do… More
recommended by laurengail


A Very fun read!
recommended by jasoneshoup

My Dad Thinks He's Funny

A Huge Hit! Only problem with this book is that The Boy (age 5) now goes around telling Dad jokes to everyone he meets!
recommended by jasoneshoup

Dreaming the Beatles

Were you part of The Scream in 1964? I have to admit I was, so I especially enjoyed this book of insightful and often humorous essays. The author… More
recommended by CircMary

I Got the Rhythm

A joyful, musical book that is sure to get your toes tapping and your hips swinging! One of my favorite picture book reads this year.
recommended by EvaELPL

Honestly Ben

I actually enjoyed this sequel a bit more than Openly Straight, the first installment in the series. Ben is a uniquely fascinating character… More
recommended by EvaELPL

Bake Sales Are My B*tch

One of the best book titles of the year! But, is the content any good? Anyone who has a child in school, or a family member with food alle… More
recommended by laurengail


How did this iconic woman survive JFK's assassination? We will never really know, but this fictionalized story practically puts the viewer i… More
recommended by CircMary

The Steel Remains

An ok read: Morgan's sci-fi (Altered Carbon series) is top-notch, but his foray into fantasy simply couldn't hook me. Felt more like a piece… More
recommended by jasoneshoup


A few little tweaks here and there could have made this a much better movie. Not awful, not great, just kind of "meh".
recommended by laurengail


Still an amazing series. This is a great gateway graphic novel for people that don't read graphic novels and want to give them a try.
recommended by laurengail

Bright Dead Things

Some of the most evocative, gut-punching poetry I've ever read. A stunning exploration of language and life.
recommended by EvaELPL
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