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Staff Pick

Sheep in A Jeep

Sheep in a Jeep is a fun story with sing-song rhymes and expressive illustrations of sheep getting into all kinds of hijinks.
recommended by kmscows

Bread and Jam for Frances

The Frances books were my favorite picture books as a child. I loved that she ate bread and jam at every meal and made up songs about strin… More
recommended by kmscows

The Cow Who Clucked

A delightful story filled with wonderful barnyard sounds and Denise Fleming’s bright and colorful cloth-paper illustrations. This story is More
recommended by kmscows

American Gods

Having just watched season 1 of the tv series, I wanted to re-visit this great book that I read years ago. It still holds up as a fantastic More
recommended by jasoneshoup

Good Day, Good Night

A sweet picture book/love poem to the timeless Goodnight Moon.
recommended by laurengail


A cute, funny book about a kid who thinks he's falling apart when he finds hair in a comb and a loose tooth. While very tongue in cheek, it More
recommended by RobertELPL

More Parts

Arnold's character from "Parts" continues to worry as he thinks a little too literally about common phrases we use every day. "Give me a hand" and &qu… More
recommended by RobertELPL


Hilarious story about a boy who gets his kite stuck in a tree and tries to knock it out with his shoe. Which then gets stuck. So he tries another obje… More
recommended by RobertELPL


Great story for kids with how silly it is. Great story for adults with it's smart message. My favorite book by Agee.
recommended by RobertELPL

The Wizard

Amazing illustrations and great rhymes. There is a slight creepy factor that separates this from many other picture books. Great for Hallowe… More
recommended by RobertELPL

Al Pha's Bet

Mr. Al Pha makes a wager that he is the best one to put the letters in order. Fun explanation of how the alphabet came to be. Will also be e… More
recommended by RobertELPL

Grandfather and the Moon

One of the most stunning, subtle, and beautiful graphic novels I've encountered. The premise -- a grieving grandfather and a contest to visi… More
recommended by EvaELPL


For those looking for excellent writing in a gentle read, Kent Haruf is your author. I don't know how I missed this special book when it cam… More
recommended by CircMary


Good sequel to "The Hatching." A much quicker read than the first, so it feels a bit more like a means to the trilogy's end than a self-cont… More
recommended by RobertELPL

Horowitz Horror

Good creepy stories for a younger audience. Some were more gruesome than I was expecting for a younger-readers' horror anthology, but I took… More
recommended by RobertELPL

Miss Nelson Is Back

Miss Nelson is Back has been a reoccurring favorite since it was originally copy-written in 1982. The kids in Miss Nelson's class don't know how good… More
recommended by jamormi
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