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The Edge of Seventeen
Coming of age story of a teen (Nadine) who has always felt alone, feels even more so when her best friend starts dating her brother. Nadine More
recommended by RobertELPL
My Dad at the Zoo
by Coralie Saudo
Really fun book for kids and dads to read together - nothing's funnier than when your dad starts throwing a tantrum like a little kid!
recommended by jasoneshoup
One-Punch Man
by ONE
In this volume we learn a little bit more about Metal Bat as he fights the gigantic centipede monster and finally faces against Garo. Meanwh… More
recommended by RobertELPL
Bedtime in the Jungle
by John Butler
Wonderful rhyming and counting book.
recommended by Emily_ELPL
Two things about this movie: 1. It is similar to Boyhood in that it shows different pivotal points in the life of a boy/young man/adult,… More
recommended by laurengail
The Underground Railroad
by Colson Whitehead
Great storytelling. Cora is one of the strongest female characters I have come across. Brutally honest in its theme of the elusiveness of ho… More
recommended by CircMary
Race You to Bed
by Bob Shea
Another great by Shea - and it includes a reference to New Socks; great for fans!
recommended by jasoneshoup
New Socks
by Bob Shea
One of my all time favorites! I just re-read it to The Boy (age 5) and he loves it too! He's been quoting it to everyone he meets!
recommended by jasoneshoup
Born to Die
by Lana Del Rey
The exact right mix of ethereal, nostalgic, and a little eerie to listen to while lounging around, ideally in a fancy silk robe.
recommended by EvaELPL
by Adele
From the fun and upbeat "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)", to the soulful and sad "When We Were Young", to the hopeful and supportive "Remedy", to th… More
recommended by jamormi
Tailgates & Tanlines
by Luke Bryan
I was raised in a house where Rock 'n Roll is King and country music can stay in the dirt where it belongs. Luke Bryan's "Country Girl (Shake It… More
recommended by jamormi
Son of Saul
I have to agree with the comment i just read .."you'll never shake this off". It's a work of art but so brutal in it's truthfulness. More
recommended by hershyd
The Jungle Book
For the kids who say the current live-action version is too scary.
recommended by biblioanna
Affair, The: Season 02
Season 2 is just as good as Season 1. If you are looking for an adult drama without dragons or super heroes, give this a try.
recommended by laurengail
The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook
I really enjoyed reading this book and hope to take it out again when I can try a few recipes.
recommended by hershyd
The King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion
Made the Recipe for Rosemary Olive oil Sourdough Bread...... It was delicious. Lots of instruction on special techniques as to getting steam… More
recommended by hershyd
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